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  1. O Scale
    HELP! I purchased a Gantry crane and the controller didn't have a "lock" for the magnet. So I purchased an older model control which had the lock option. After spending a couple hours tracing leads and trying to match the action from the wiring of the controls then trying different combinations...
  2. O Scale
    Using a (sadly now discontinued) upgrade kit from the ERR company, I have successfully converted a conventional Lionel Gantry Crane (1970's version) to TMCC control. I had some high-level help, but the main part of the work was pretty straightforward. The main component used in this conversion...
  3. O Scale
    The latest problem is a triple action crane from 1999. The belts are loose. The grease turned into a tacky glue. I am in search of a part number for the belt. Lionel does not list it. Pictures will follow. I may need to find a substitute. ANy ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results