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  1. G / #1 Scale
    Hello! Does anyone here have any tips or experience with track for garden railways? (G scale of course.) Which one is the cheapest, but good quality? Which one would be good for battery operated, (but might support electric)? Thanks.
  2. G / #1 Scale
    Hi! I (still) want to start a garden railway and have decided that maybe battery operated is the way... I think that it is nice when you don't have to worry (as much!) about how clean the track is. Though PIKO has a cleaner car so if the track is not clean you can clean it before the other...
  3. G / #1 Scale
    I've been considering starting a railway in my small garden but don't know much about this topic. I'm not sure what track to use or where to get the items that I need. I also don't know if I should use a certain type of controller, either dc or dcc, or what brand train or track. Do garden...
1-3 of 3 Results