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  1. O Scale
    For some reason, my gateman sticks on the door most of the time. It's almost like the figure is facing the wrong way and the arm sticking out with the light hits the door. I tried to adjust the gateman but it won't budge. Any thoughts? Video
  2. Dardanelle Mining R.r.

    layout construction photos
  3. Scrapwood Junction

    Pics of my layout build
  4. Beginner Q & A
    I want to wire my automatic Gateman with its own power because it never opens and closes completely. I have two crossing gates and two blinking signals all at the same place, which I suspect takes up most of the wattage. I'm not sure how to wire it separately. I use a KW transformer. Can I...
  5. General Model Train Discussion
    I have a Lionel 145 Automatic Gateman. The little guy was always a little lazy to come out but after a few passes of the train he usually showed up. Often then his door would stick open and after a few more passes he was in full operation. So, I decided to make him work from the" get go"...
  6. O Scale
    A while ago I read that these accessories may buzz a bit if connected to AC as the solenoid "chatters" when the current reverses. Could a bridge rectifier or diode be used to drive it with DC instead and quiet it down? I have a few spares so I thought if I had a chance I would try it.
  7. O Scale
    Hi. I’m trying to hook up my 145 Gateman to the 145C contactor and to my ZW transformer. I need some help, as the wiring diagram in the instruction sheet is vague to me, and I’m new to this hobby.
  8. O Scale
    Thanks to all the people on here that have helped me along in learning the world of model training. I just purchased a couple items I need help with. The gateman I believe might be a early 45 all metal model with light from under the base. Not sure how to wire this unit to a 145 auto. The...
  9. O Scale
    OK, so I have this prewar/immediate postwar 45N gateman. It has two external lugs only, no 3-contact plate under the roof. The light and the mechanism are wired to one lug, the other lug is apparently ground. I cannot for the life of me find a wiring diagram for this--only the 3-contact version...
  10. O Scale
    I bought an Automatic Gateman #145. When I got it home I immediately attached the two wires coming from the bottom to a test transformer. The little guy came in and out as expected. My wife loved it (that's important but I won't go into that here). Now I need to wire it so he only pops out when...
  11. O Scale
    Bulb question.... I am putting in an order for parts for a few items. Thought I would stock up. I am switching over my 022 to LEDS (I have three pair) and remembered that my 145 Gateman has a burned out bulb too. Do they make an LED bulb for this too. I am ordering from Town and Country...
  12. O Scale
    I picked up a mid-50s 145 Gateman, painted with maroon roofs. The motor works but the plunger that pushes the gateman out appears to be sticking. Anyone have an idea on how to clean it up? Thanks in advance.
  13. O Scale
    So now that i have decided to go O scale for my layout, my question is how do I connect my lionel gateman track clip to the Ez Track?
1-13 of 13 Results