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  1. HO Scale
    What is the best way to put down a 4x8' sheet of grass on an MDF platform? It was recommended to use liquid adhesive and roll the adhesive onto the platform. Is that the best / easiest, or is there a better / easier way? I realize I may have to cut out some sections after it's down, but...
  2. Beginner Q & A
    Greetings all, Has anyone tried using Dry Adhesive for gluing down your ballast instead of a 50/50 glue mix? If you have, any luck?
  3. Painting, detailing and decaling
    It hasn't improved since years ago when I was using it on balsa RC aircraft. At least on wood you can drip it on the joint, wait for a puff of smoke and you know it has set. Now I'm using it to attach brass etched parts to plastic, building a Steam Era Models Victorian Railways GY Wagon - nice...
  4. Structures Forum
    I recently purchesed an acrylic model by CMR (Custom Model Railroads) and I am unsure what kind of glue is ok to use. With that said I did conduct an experiment with several brands and types. As of now I have not noticed and changes ex. metling, warping, discoloration, ect. Testors Model Glue...
  5. O Scale
    I’m about to start a structure kit made of wood. I need some opinions on the choice of glues and their advantages and disadvantages. As I see it: Elmers glue a real wood glue supposedly very strong but not fast drying which would require all kinds of supports for the time for it to dry...
  6. O Scale
    The DAVID STOCKWELL BRIDGE. Limited Edition/Serial #1 I was going to name it The DAVID STOCKWELL MEMORIAL BRIDGE But it can't be a Memorial Bridge, as David is alive and well.:D Or can I? Would that be OK?:confused: I like the sound better. If I get one more bridge, I could name it The DAVID...
  7. General Model Train Discussion
    What glue do you use to build structures... I use weld-bond but I find that it has its problems...:)
  8. O Scale
    I have people I want to place on my layout. I see there is "repositioning Glue" from Woodlands and Micro Mark. - anyone used these? Good / Bad - another glue you can recommend that allows you to glue a person down and then reposition that figure at a later date? O Scale. Thanks, Mr. Bill
1-8 of 8 Results