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  1. My Layout
    :eek:Oh boy, my real estate just expanded --- 16x8 with center cutout (see pic):cool: :Dquestion time: 1. what turnouts are best for loco's like ac4400, c44-9w, sd60, and such? 2. how do I set the yard up so it is level (tracks level w/ground)? more questions to come - you will all be a part...
  2. Model Train Videos
    hay all, new video of dual consists. i finished the desert area and still have much to do. big ed, this shows where the spring/creek will be eventually. i ran two consists - the first is with both engines pulling, the second is with one gp60m pulling and one pushing - works better than two...
  3. Model Train Videos
    Better light, still a bad camera - I'll be working on that. I hope you all like it. I will be adding more trees, foliage, campers, cars, a truck, and some animals. WOW - I think I am addicted. I travel to Moab, Utah quite often and there is a train that travels from a potash mine through this...
1-3 of 3 Results