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  1. Painting, detailing and decaling
    Share pictures of your weathered, rusted and graffitied cars, building, and anything else.
  2. HO Scale
    So while doing some weathing (IDK if thats correct type but oh well) I was looking at some images. I saw a bunch of graffiti on cars. That triggered and idea to make them look even more realistic. As I started looking at graffiti on rail cars it occured to me that people tag buildings as well...
  3. O Scale
    I just started to build a layout and i'm planning to have the time period set in the present day. Ive seen some of the mass-produced cars with the graffiti on them and it looks fake to me. So, I had a friend of mine paint up a couple of box cars with some graffiti. Graffiti on model trains seems...
  4. O Scale
    hi i customize model trains.lets see your pics.
1-4 of 4 Results