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  1. HO Scale
    What is the best way to put down a 4x8' sheet of grass on an MDF platform? It was recommended to use liquid adhesive and roll the adhesive onto the platform. Is that the best / easiest, or is there a better / easier way? I realize I may have to cut out some sections after it's down, but...
  2. Beginner Q & A
    Hey you guys, I'm sorry for the annoyance here, but I'm an owner of a CoasterDynamix Big Dipper. Here is their website: Here is a link to the model I own: Here are photos of my actual model...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    I have a almost completed layout with a grass ground cover , if I wanted to add snow, could I just spray it on like its actually snowing then spray scenic cement on it? Thank you! Brandon
  4. Beginner Q & A
    Hi, I'm going to use a roll of Woodland Scenics grass matt from Hobby Lobby on my insulation foam. What can I get in stores that will secure it well? I know WS makes a matt adhesive but I'd think I'd be able to find some more common product at a store like Home Depot, etc. instead. Anyone have...
1-4 of 4 Results