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  1. O Scale
    Hi, my 2023 seems to have possibly lost the ground to the base, I think? Just a beginner. The light & horn stopped working, but the bulb itself is ok and the horn works if I turn it upside down. Any ideas? Thanks! Cuzzie.
  2. O Scale
    Hello all, As a quick follow up to my previous post ( I ended up acquiring two MTH motors/motor blocks, and separately bought TMCC electronics. I got a cruise commander and sound commander (with Dash-9 sounds), and the engine looks, sounds...
  3. HO Scale
    If you watch closely on some engines, and I'm sure I don't have all of the terminology right so please forgive me for the crude description, the two lower headlights on some engines alternate as they are approaching an intersection. On some DCC locomotives, is it possible to attain this without...
  4. O Scale
    I need help in finding T-38 grain of wheat bulbs 12V for my Lionel O27 Southern Cresent Limited engine headlight. Also can this be replaced with a LED and if so what part # would it be? Thanks for any help, Rio Grande Forever
1-4 of 4 Results