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  1. Help Valuing Train!

    General Model Train Discussion
    I'm cleaning out storage boxes and I found this replica of the Ramgotty train in India. This was originally purchased in India in the last 15 or so years. I haven't found anyone else selling this, can anyone help me giving a value or finding others that have sold it?
  2. Need Reliable G Scale Loco

    G / #1 Scale
    Every Christmas I do a large window display where I like to have a G scale train driving around. The train is on a timer and runs on and off through out the day. However my basic Bachmann train is not reliable. The wheels needed cleaning once a day and when the timer turns on the loco often...
  3. Question about compatability

    HO Scale
    I just came into possession of an older locomotive set complete with track and controller. The track brand is AHM, its HO scale. If I want to expand the tracks are there any brands of track that will work with the older AHM track, and is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  4. Im new here and need a little help!

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi there, I am looking for some information on a couple of box cars I had seen a few years back. The cars were showing diaper advertising on box cars, I don't remember if it was pamper, luvs or Huggies, but i do remember one was some sort of pink for girl and the other one was blue for boys, i...
  5. Aristocraft Power & Conrol

    G / #1 Scale
    Hi Everybody. Newbie to the forum here.... train operator/collector across many gauges for many years. So this is my latest hair-brained idea.... I am going to build an overhead indoor track which will run around my 1st floor area. About 10 years ago I started purchasing Aristocraft "stuff"...
  6. Should I clean this track?

    O Scale
    Should i spend my time cleaning this or spend my money on new track?