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  1. HO Scale
    I Got a got of tyco (and similar style) freight cars from the store but many had missing/ bent wheelds so i figured id replace them all with metal wheels, since i heard good things about them. I got a set of 12 to test them out and realized that the spikes that go into the wheels slot are not...
  2. HO Scale
    I just bought a used athearn switcher that i fixed up to make it run but is is making a fairly large amount of ozone smell. Ive searched it up and it looks like many trains do that, but is there a way to stop it, is it an athsma trigger/is it safe to run for long periods of time, or does it mean...
  3. Beginner Q & A
    Hello All, I am vary new to model railroading. I purchased an older train set from a train museum gift shop and cannot get the locomotive running. When it is on the track the light turns on and I can hear an electric humming sound. The wheels will not move on or off of the track. I removed...
1-3 of 3 Results