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  1. Express train - Zootopia Express (HO gauge) WIP

    HO Scale
    Info about the Train: The Zootopia express (Aka. the Rabbit transit) is a Express train That was introduced in Disney's [2016] animated movie 'Zootopia'. Zootopia is a city of anthropomorphic animals, and each species is different just as in the real world. The Zootopia Express Acomidates to...
  2. (12/13/17) Free 9-Pack of Trees from Menards!

    HO Scale
    Now through December 26, 2017, buy any HO gauge train item $19.99 or higher, and get a FREE 9-Pack of 5-1/2” Trees! IMPORTANT: You MUST add (1) 9-Pack of Trees (SKU# 279-3094) to your online shopping cart for every qualifying HO gauge train item you wish to purchase. The tree price will be...