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  1. HO Scale
    I've recently decided to build a large train layout and will be moving to dcc from single train layout . I'm looking for guidance on transformer size, best wattage, amount of feeder points, etc before I purchase products. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. HO Scale
    Been a while since my last visit on forum. Lots going on and my better half wanted her room back... Had to move my layout to the back room. Just a short look at what I ended up with. Works for me and makes me happy to have since my dad gave the New Haven to me some fifty years ago.
  3. Layout Design Forum
    Hi I newbie here and this is my first message :) I plan to do a HO layout for playing with my son I’d say “playing table”. About year ago I’ve built my first layout (HO, 120x200cm, analog), see picture. Also we always use Mega blocks or Lego constructor in the game on this table. I.e. we...
  4. My Layout
    Hey, So I have decided on running 3 main lines and each electrically isolated from each other. I have a space of max 6ft by 10 ft. My problem is deciding what shape of track to do. I have been thinking about keeping it 2 ft wide and just border the area. Any tips of what to do or don't do in...
  5. Model Train Videos
    I added mountains with "great stuff" foam. very happy with the results. also added burnt grass towards the middle of the layout. I just got back from Moab, Utah---saw a couple trains on the western slope---gp38, gp40, and gp60m pulling like 50 coal cars empty - i was going 70mph on I-70 and...
  6. Model Train Videos
    3 trains running - very cool! NEW Video - sunrise run - 3 trains I hope everyone likes! Layout is great, no power issues, no derailment issues, couplers seem to hold fine. I have 24 rolling stock now. I am trying to keep it to 10 cars per train...
1-6 of 6 Results