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  1. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    The front is missing. Here is the link: There is a video in the description.
  2. HO Scale
    I NEED YOUR ADVICE. My dad modeled the Harrisburg line for the Pennsylvania Railroad (specifically, Harrisburg, PA in 1953 for the PRR down to the Port Road). He recently passed away and we're trying to figure out what to do with this incredible layout. It was an extensive layout with...
  3. Model Train Videos
    Located on the Iowa State Fair Grounds, is the Central Iowa Model RR Club Layout. It is perhaps the largest HO layout in the entire State!
  4. Model Train Videos
    I was pleasantly surprised by the detail level of this layout. There are no other videos on YouTube of this layout and the club is not very well promoted, which is too bad since a lot of time and skill has been invested in this layout. vgUKf6AvsnQ&hd=1 Enjoy!
  5. Model Train Videos
    Well this will be my last video for awhile, I'm done with vacation from work on Monday. Enjoy!
  6. Model Train Videos
    We went to Sioux Falls, SD and shot some video of the largest HO-Model Railroad in the entire State! Have a look: Enjoy!
  7. Model Train Videos
    This is one of the best HO Layouts I've seen in awhile! The Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association (Northern Trackers) have outdone themselves with this one. This layout has over 5 scale miles of track which winds through 9 small Northern Minnesota towns during the early 1900's era on...
  8. Model Train Videos
    I've been a busy guy out rail fanning model railroads. This one is located in Alexandria, MN. Here's another video for your viewing enjoyment: Enjoy!
  9. Model Train Videos
    We headed up to West Fargo, ND with the kids yesterday and took in the model HO-scale layout at the Bonanzaville Historical Center there. Over 400' of track and three trains running at once! Of course, we had to get some video for your viewing pleasure too. :) Enjoy!
  10. Model Train Videos
    The St. James Model Railroad Club in St. James, MN, has layouts in three scales: G, O, and HO. We took a trip down there to check it out. Although their layouts are still under construction, it was worth the trip. Here's some videos: The O-Scale Layout: BoYNOfL-8cg&hd=1 AND The HO-Scale...
  11. General Model Train Discussion
    Greetings, One and All, First, I am new here, and I know very little specifically regarding model trains. I have an electronics background, so that will hopefully help. I bought a Bachmann Cargo King train set to use with my young sons. I have since bought a sufficient number of cars that...
  12. Layout Design Forum
    Hi! I'm planing my next HO fremo modules, the Golden Valley. The setting is western US in the mid 50's. It features a depot, a freight house + a speeder shed, and some industries. The structures are Walthers Cornerstone Series (Golden Valley...) Too many tracks? 'wrong' placement of...
1-12 of 12 Results