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  1. New to DCC - Trying to Configure Train Lighting (Some bulbs not working correctly)

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello Everyone, I finally made the jump to DCC this evening. Though I'm facing a few issues, watching multiple trains just sit on the layout waiting, with lights on and not moving is awesome. Better yet, bright lights without having to put the train into "back to the future" mode is great! I'm...
  2. Bachmann E-Z Track "Golden Spike" (HO Scale)

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I was cleaning out the house of a person in my neighborhood and found this beauty! It has never been open and sat in a climate controlled room for who knows how long. I haven't found any info on it other than a couple of EBAY postings. Does anyone have any further information on this / how much...
  3. Track Joints - Blend by sanding or leave alone?

    Beginner Q & A
    I just replaced my HO Atlas Code 83 track with new Kato Unitrack. I did not use cork roadbed, and laid it down on very smooth, flat 3/4" birch plywood. The joints snap together nicely, but I find that one rail will be perfectly mated up and the other rail will create a vertical 'step' with the...
  4. HO SD70 Ace UP 1995 Heritage

    Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Looking to acquire an HO SD70 Ace UP Heritage CNW Unit #1995. Can be Athearn, Walthers or any other manufacturer either DC or DCC.
  5. Greetings!

    New Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I just signed up to this forum a few minutes ago. I have been a model railroading enthusiast since I was a kid, but I have decided to let most of my trains go due to moving and space issues. I will be making some posts in the ebay section of the forum to show what I have...
  6. PROJECT : BackYard Transit System

    HO Scale
    Project: BackYard Transit System Hello Everyone, I'm starting on a HO Scale Project in my backyard and always wanted to make a working style Subway system. By the way I always love NYCTA Subway system.:). THE PLAN I will be creating a 4 track loop mainline with stations stops for local and...
  7. Need help, start something new or keep going?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello all, I have always had a passion for trains which was passed down to me from my father and his father. I have a fair amount of HO scale DCC locomotives and rolling stock, as well as a few buildings and a digitrax system. The first issue is right out of college I am living in an apartment...
  8. HO Wireless Willie

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    HO scale vintage Wireless Willie working lantern man. Appears to be new in package. $25 with free pal is.... I am not a RR modeler. I aquired a boxo'HO stuff and am selling it off.
  9. HO Huge unfinished HO model set - for FREE in Chicago area

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    It's gone
  10. Help With Industries

    Layout Design Forum
    I have started out with a new layout and I have set up the track on a foam base. I then added a bridge and cut a lake/pond. I then realized that i hadn't planned what buildings to put. I'm hoping for some ideas for what to put around the track. It is HO and a 4x6 since i don't have much space. I...
  11. *UPDATE! LAYOUT ASSEMBLED!* Opinions on 4x12 Layout Track Plan

    HO Scale
    This is my current plan for my 4x12 layout. Outside are 22 inch radius curves, and the inside are 18 inch. Tell me your opinions/suggestions of it! :) It is just for fun; I'm not modeling anything specific. Building planning will come after track planning is finished. Its not supposed to be 100%...
  12. Vertical separation of track over track (HO)

    HO Scale
    Hi everyone. I'm still finalizing my HO track plan & there's a spot where a bridge will carry one track over another. I wish to minimize the vertical separation to avoid steep grades in the vicinity, since the tracks have to meet up again. Right now I've got it down to just over 4" railhead to...
  13. HO Bachmann 0-6-0 Loco with Tender: Freebie

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    This loco has been taken. Thirty-year old Bachmann HO USRA 0-6-0 with slope tender. Santa Fe line. Little used. Spent most of those years on the shelf. The motor works, reluctantly, because the gears need cleaning and lubrication. Yours for exact shipping cost only. Payment by PayPal...
  14. HO Signal Question

    HO Scale
    Hi & thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm a N00B at this so please bear with me and with any responses please write them out as if you're talking to a 10 year old with pictures if possible as my understanding is very basic. I'm helping my dad out with his HO & O scale layouts and after...
  15. BNIB Broadway Limited Imports 1549 Zephyr Set

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I'd forgotten that I was a member of this forum, so I posted it on eBay first. Absolutely BNIB, never opened never used, BLI California Zephyr set. I'm just trying to get my original purchase price back. Once the eBay ad expires I can shift this posting over to the other forum. In the...
  16. HO scale scenery

    HO Scale
    i,m having trouble making scenery.
  17. HO Amtrak Empire Builder cars on eBay

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Anyone want extra vehicles for their Amtrak train? I am going to start listing my Empire Builder consist that has seen many layouts and run many times. so far I only have two cars up: superliner transition sleeper and a series 1700 baggage car all of the vehicles I am putting up will be in...
  18. Getting Started Book for 7 year old beginner

    Beginner Q & A
    My son would like to start making model trains (HO scale) but I'm not really able to help him. I'm somewhat handy, but I have no experience in model trains, so I can't just teach him. I'd like to get a book that is age-appropriate for him to get started in model railroading. We have some old...
  19. David Doiron's - Ho Scale Lost Dutchman Railroad

    Model Train Videos
    [YT] Had the pleasure of operating on this layout.