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  1. A worthy cause

    General Model Train Discussion
    Just completed an HO Scale Cardstock model of the Rural Retreat Virginia depot. All proceeds go toward the restoration project underway. Please support them if you are able. It's great to see another historic building saved from demolition.
  2. my layout. ON DA FLOOR!

    My Layout
    my pictures of my layout. includes CP Rail GP35 #5009, Union Pacific DD40AX #6900, and CN Rail F9 Diesel #9162 some of my cars i would like to share is CN Rail Rainbow Edition cylindrical hopper Via Rail "Columbia" dome car
  3. Big Locos Vs Curve Radius

    HO Scale
    Hey everyone. This week I got myself into a pickle, and now I'm looking for advice. I just bought a HO scale Bachmann DD40AX #6900. As soon as I tried placing it on my section of 18" radius Bachmann EZ track curve, I came to realize my rookie mistake. I have heard these huge engines will work on...
  4. First ever layout HO scale

    My Layout
    So after years of idolizing model trains I've decided to start my own. In my basement of my house I have just finished building the platform. I am being ambitious and built two 4x8 platforms which I intended to do an L shaped layout but I am thinking of doing a T shape. Thoughts? Before I...
  5. HO Bachman Acela, DCC equipped

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have a 1-yr-old HO scale Acela train by Bachmann. The box has a locomotive and dummy locomotive, three passenger cars, large oval of bachmann ez track and a power pack. It's a ready-to-run set. I have two additional cars for purchase or trade ...or to sweeten the deal. It has come out of...
  6. What's in the HO roundhouse???

    HO Scale
    This thread is to talk about the fleets of our respective pikes. The rules are simple; (1) Play nice! The thread's open to those that will. (2) Talk about the fleets! What you have, need, and want too. (3) Have fun! Why not? (4) Make all the good jokes you want! Please leave the nasty poor...
  7. new locomotives

    HO Scale
    New Athearn MP15AC with sound and Athearn P42 with sound
  8. For Sale: Atlas HO Berskhire Valley Layout track set

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    My father was building the Atlas Berkshire Valley layout for my kids and then decided to move to Florida permanently. I bought the track layout package from Atlas but I don't have room for it in my house so I'm trying to sell it. The track is unused but alot of it was removed from packaging to...
  9. Standard Gauge to HO Scale Conversion

    HO Scale
    Hey guys i was wondering what 252km (156.5 Miles) would be in HO Scale. Appreciate it since I'm making a PERFECTLY scale of the Warrnambool to Melbourne (,_Victoria) train line and i want it to be perfect. Tom (West Coast Rail Lover)
  10. Icing Facility Kit for HO

    Product Promotion
    Dunphy's Ice Company is a fine scale kit that we designed and offer in HO scale and currently finishing the pre-production of the N Scale version. This kit has won several awards many years ago and we are now finally getting it to market. It uses our own castings and Kappler Wood which we...
  11. WANTED: EJ&E N Scale (possibly HO)

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I just started modeling a few months ago. I'm currently building an N Scale layout of the EJ&E and that road isn't exactly falling off trees when it comes to production. I might be interested in buying used EJ&E N scale items if I don't already have them. Since most of the local model railroad...
  12. A "practice" layout for rookies

    General Model Train Discussion
    I remember seeing a video of a person who built a small train layout and they stated that it was a practice layout to gain experience needed to build something more ambitious. I got the urge to run with this idea and build a 2' x 4' traction layout featuring a small downtown in the front of the...
  13. HO Double-Track Swing Bridge($39)

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Purchased within the past year at Dollhouses, Trains, & More in Rhonert Park, CA. List price by manufacturer web site is $74.98 but the sticker price (on the box) is $64.98. My project is done and this is left over. It has never been opened - still in original bubble wrap. $39. Hope you can use...
  14. Holter Museum of Art/Imagination Station Kids HO Display

    HO Scale
    Check out our photos of our new children's HO layout displayed at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana on Oct. 8th, 2011 by clicking on Railroadinovations-Albums. Kids program setups for children to operate. 186 children were able to operate trains and take home free train magazines...
  15. Triang 4-6-2's

    OO Scale
    Who here knows about them???:confused:
  16. First Train Run On New Imagination Station Kids On Track HO Layout

    HO Scale
    Imagination Station Kids on Track has been developing a new children's interactive HO layout. It allows kids hands on operation of the trains. We wanted to post photos of the trains on this layout so the public can see them. Over 50 model railroad companies are monitering our progress with both...
  17. Input sought on new trolley layout

    HO Scale
    I have found and started playing with Xtrkcad and came up with a track plan which I think will work out. The dimensions of the layout will be 5.5' by 3.5'. The idea was to have something that I could store under my futon frame. The plan to have a simple loop on the ledge separating my kitchen...
  18. HO/DCC items

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello Everyone: I am selling the following: 1) NCE Procab wireless (can be tethered) controller 2) Broadway Limited 3751 (4-8-4) steam engine with sound 3) A.T. & S.F. 2126 steam yard engine (converted to DCC) that smokes 4) A.T. & S.F. El Capitan box car 5) Burlington Northern 2081 diesel...
  19. Looking for HO Atlas AEM-7 # 907 in phase v

    HO Scale
    Hi Im looking for a Ho Atlas AEM-7 #907 or #914 in phase v. I would prefer #907 because I already have #914, but i could always renumber it. If anyone can help me find one it would be much appreciated.
  20. Custom buildings for HO scale

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello, I'm Denny from Memphis Tn. I have recently decided to custem build a fire station, I have never done nothin like this befor for any of my Diaramas that I have made. It's a replica of the one here in town. I have the plans all drawn down on paper foot by foot and I have the walls built...