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  1. HO Scale
    Been a while since my last visit on forum. Lots going on and my better half wanted her room back... Had to move my layout to the back room. Just a short look at what I ended up with. Works for me and makes me happy to have since my dad gave the New Haven to me some fifty years ago.
  2. Layout Design Forum
    Just finished laying track and wiring, need some ideas on the scenery I should start to add. It is a 5x9 layout. Sorry for bad lighting in photos, much brighter in real life
  3. Model Train Videos
    hay all, new video of dual consists. i finished the desert area and still have much to do. big ed, this shows where the spring/creek will be eventually. i ran two consists - the first is with both engines pulling, the second is with one gp60m pulling and one pushing - works better than two...
  4. Layout Design Forum
    here is my layout. the lower section (with buildings, lights, etc.) is 4ft. x 6ft. and the upper section (on left side) is 8ft. 7in. x 47in. I would like to have two ovals on the lower section (one 18", the other 22"), and one oval on the upper section (18" radius, and level) with one feeder...
  5. Pan Am

    At Newmarket Junction
1-5 of 5 Results