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  1. O Scale
    Hi, my 2023 seems to have possibly lost the ground to the base, I think? Just a beginner. The light & horn stopped working, but the bulb itself is ok and the horn works if I turn it upside down. Any ideas? Thanks! Cuzzie.
  2. O Scale
    Hi, I am relatively new to fixing trains. I have a Lionel 2031 that I recently purchased. The previous owner apparently tried to rewire the e-unit and relay horn but did not follow the wiring diagram. He did okay on the e-unit but not so good on the horn relay. I need to purchase some wiring...
  3. O Scale
    1962 was a good year. The 616 is a singe field motor with a C battery powered horn, three position e unit, and this model had one operating coupler. I just anted to review the procedure I went through to get it working again. First a review. The battery sits in a cradle with the horn and...
  4. O Scale
    After working on some smoke units I got a chance to mess with a horn on a FM diesel. I got it working and now I can use that information to work on my Burlington GP-9. To start the horn has to work with a D cell battery. This one didn't. The wire broke off. I do have a new one. It was bought...
  5. O Scale
    I recently purchased a postwar Lionel GP7 engine. I had trouble getting the horn to work and found the battery does not reach the frame ground. What is wrong here? Notice that the battery cover makes the battery sit well away from the frame "terminal". I have temporarily grounded it with...
1-5 of 5 Results