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  1. Product Promotion I would like to ask for your help. LEGO Ideas is a website that permits the public to submit ideas for future LEGO products. If a project earns 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider making it into a set. LEGO is not a typical medium for model railroading...
  2. Model Train Photo Gallery
    This is my first time rebuild on this table. I know it may not be 100% correct but i aiming to accomidate some new 53' well cars and some of my Pullman Sleeper cars. There will be 2 mains, 2 siders, small yard, and few mic junk. Planning on one main to be 24" radius and the outher to be 22'" and...
  3. Layout Design Forum
    Just finished laying track and wiring, need some ideas on the scenery I should start to add. It is a 5x9 layout. Sorry for bad lighting in photos, much brighter in real life
  4. Layout Design Forum
    Ok, let me start by saying I am brand new to the model train world. I would like to start a project for my sons and I to work on together and enjoy. We are surrounded by the W & LE Railroad and would love to do a track layout based off of the Brewster Station. I will explain what I have to work...
  5. Pan Am

    At Newmarket Junction
1-5 of 5 Results