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  1. The "new" JJJ&E

    UP # 3977 "Challenger" is on the bridge of the turntable. The 24 stall Roundhouse is in the background.
  2. The "new" JJJ&E

    Two classic locomotives, the SP #4449 GS-4 "Freedom Train" 4-8-4 and the Milwaukee "Hiawatha" #1 pulling passenger car consists east of San Marino in the right turnaround area of the JJJ&E. The San Marino Freight yard is in the distance.
  3. The "new" JJJ&E

    A closeup of ATSF FT Units on the long grade of the mainline track east of San Marino.
  4. The "new" JJJ&E

    ATSF FT units pulling a 40 car freight consist up the long 1 1/2% grade east of San Marino. The San Marino freight yard and the town of San Marino is in the background.
1-4 of 4 Results