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  1. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Very nice O scale engine for sale. Looks good and runs well. Has the moving cooling fans which makes it look really cool while running. Both cab doors open. I'm selling only because I bought too many engines at one time and my layout is not all that big. After I had done that someone gave me...
    $200 USD
  2. O Scale
    I just bought a used set of K-Line "American Red Cross" cars that were made shortly after the 9/11 attacks. They seem to be nice cars and in good working order, but have an unusual problem that I haven't seen before: the couplers are quite a bit lower than all my other cars (a mix of Lionel and...
  3. O Scale
    I just acquired this very neat accessory in new condition. unfortunately, no manual. If anyone out there has one I'd like to request a copy. I haven't been able to find one online. Thanks, Gary
  4. My Gg&n

    Modified GG&N
  5. O Scale
    I long time ago I won in an auction this cool little work caboose with operating spotlight. Unfortunately, when I got it, the light was broken at the base. I've tried gluing it numerous times but it always breaks after a few spins around the track. I've looked at the normal places and no part to...
  6. O Scale
    Does anyone have a 2006 K-Line catalog where they could look up the minimum operating track radius for K3688-4449 SP Steam Locomotive? I'm told its is 031 but that is hard to believe. Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated...
  7. O Scale
    I have 4 of these K-Line switches and for the most part they work really well after some tweaking. I've had to take all 4 apart and reseat the motor on the gears to get them to work consistently but once fixed they work great. I have one that has been problematic though. I started noticing with...
  8. O Scale
    Access to the interior of a K-Line K-3540 SP Vanderbilt tender (also part of K-Line set 3388-2488IC - Southern Pacific loco with Real Sounds) is not at first easy to discover. I owned the tender previously and now have found my holy grail and won it at a E-Bay auction: the K-Line SP2488...
  9. O Scale
    At a train show in Santa Clara California this past weekend I doubled my roster of K-Line steamers (to 2). I now own a K-Line Mikado with TMCC and a K-Line NYC Hudson with TMCC. Overhauling these engines has revealed that the Mike has a ratio of 22 revs of the motor to one rev of the drivers...
  10. O Scale
    I hope someone can direct me to a source of a user's manual for a K-Line NYC O Scale Mikado with TMCC, Railsounds and Electrocouplers. I bought this locomotive today at a train show in San Jose California and it came absolutely bare with no box or documentation of any kind. I believe it was...
  11. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I have a K-line Timken Bearing 100 year Anniversary set with engine and all cars. It also comes with the big box, the set came in. All cars are in original boxes. No other parts available. More pics upon request. $400.00 OBO.
  12. Lionel Fastrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, And Rolling Stock

    LIONEL FasTrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, and Rolling Stock
  13. Lionel Fastrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, And Rolling Stock

    LIONEL FasTrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, and Rolling Stock
  14. Lionel Fastrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, And Rolling Stock

    LIONEL FasTrack, O-60 Turns, Maintenance Kit, and Rolling Stock
  15. O Scale
    Thought I would post my series of Picts documenting my cleaning of a k-line atsf pacific K4. Here is the loco as I received it from a buyer on eBay. Everything worked well. Had a few chips and scratches and the tires on the rear driver were coming off. Started off by removing the trailing...
  16. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Just rcvd my K-Line 3003 and wanted to share. The loco runs very well. Bought off eBay. Only needs new tires and a little lube.
  17. Lirr - Greenport Scoot K-line #2

    The powered loco and "parlor car" (the seats in this prototype car cost extra)
  18. O Scale
    Anyone familiar with these lighted , finely detailed cars with full interiors, including passengers? I have all five cars in their individual boxes and the set in the original shipping box. Any idea what this may be worth? Any idea what the original cost may have been? :confused: I don't think...
1-20 of 20 Results