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  1. N Scale
    Hello, I've finally gotten my first N Scale - double mainline DCC layout up and running. I'm using an NCE Powercab. It features a Kato Unitrack Double Crossover. Each side of the (four ends of the) double crossover has been properly fed power. Also, the direct wire to control the crossover...
  2. N Scale
    Dose anyone know if Kato has a tech support contact? I am building a n scale unitrack layout that is 36"X80 that includes a double crossover. I just got the track laid and have run trains completely around with no issues except when going through the double crossover. The first issue is when...
  3. N Scale
    Does anybody else have an issue with longer rolling stock binding up on Kato Unitrack 12 3/8" radius curves? I seem to be having an issue with several pieces of my rolling stock that I can't figure out. A 50' Athern box car rolls fine, however a 50' Atlas box car and a 60' MicroTrains centerbeam...
1-3 of 3 Results