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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, I just joined this group. So glad to have found this. Years ago I bought a Bachmann Alaska RR set in HO. It was purely for display as I like to collect Alaska items, having been there on four different vacations. Now I want to get into running an N scale real layout. I have found prebuilt N...
  2. N Scale
    Hello all, Newbie model railroader here and I've run into an issue with my layout. I built a 2x4ft table and purchased the Kato M1 N scale set. The issue is at the curved section of the track, the track ends up extending over the sides of the table. As far as my options go I don't want to make...
  3. Beginner Q & A
    I just replaced my HO Atlas Code 83 track with new Kato Unitrack. I did not use cork roadbed, and laid it down on very smooth, flat 3/4" birch plywood. The joints snap together nicely, but I find that one rail will be perfectly mated up and the other rail will create a vertical 'step' with the...
  4. HO Scale
    I'm possibly starting an HO or N layout, driving myself nuts over which gauge. I'm leaning towards the HO as it's larger and my eyesight would suffer more, I think, with N gauge. So I'm reading as many reviews as I can to determine the best engines and cars. Looking at doing an Amtrak P42...
  5. N Scale
    Hello to all, I picked up some weathering supplies and thought I would rough up a couple units, I think they turned out ok.
  6. General Model Train Discussion
    Finally got this Mi~Jack home and placed on my layout. It is done in N~Scale , A friend hand built this for me ( Andreash ) from brass & wood
  7. N Scale
    Hi, I am currently switching scale and going from Marklin HO to Kato N to pack more on a 8 x 4 layout. Also would like to make a Kyushu inspired layout. Therefore the first trains 10-1394 and 10-813. I need guidance on which DCC decoder I can "easily" install in those trains. I have done...
  8. Technical Model Train Forum
    Hey, First of all i am brand spanking new to this forum and i would like to apologize in advance if i'm posting in the wrong place or other newbie mistakes. We were cleaning some old stuff from my uncle that died over 30 years ago and he had a lot of train stuff, he had made his own little city...
  9. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, I have a mix of Walthers Proto and Kato rolling stock for the Southwest Chief Train I am building. I have decided to do all Kato rather than mix and thought I'd see if anyone else was doing the opposite and willing to trade their Kato for my Walthers. I would be willing to add a little...
  10. N Scale
    I am about to build my first model train set in n scale, on a 4' x 8' plywood board. I was thinking of getting the Kato M1 and V2 and connecting them together, the reason being I want the incline in the tracks so I can build hills around it. I also like the idea of a bridge with tracks going...
  11. N Scale
    My Kato E5 N scale stopped working so I took it apart, when I took it apart I saw the this thing (sorry, don't know the name, in picture) wasn't working so where can I get a replacement part?
  12. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello evreybody I am back with another question. So I am looking at kato N scale layout plans I could use on my 4X8 layout due to the fact SCARM the layout making software I am trying to use is very difficult when it comes to measurements and trying to figure out how big my curve is. I searched...
  13. N Scale
    Hi, I just came back from Japan with a Kato N700 Shinkansen set. It came with the 22-012 AC Adaptor. It is marked AC 100V 50/60Hz. That is the voltage used in Japan. In Canada/US we use 120V. Can it safely be used in Canada/US without any adapters? I have searched all over online and...
  14. General Model Train Discussion
    I have two Kato N scale Amfleet cars that I must install lights for. What the the advantages and disadvantages of the Kato light kit and the Easy Peasy light kit? And can the Easy Peasy fit the Kato Amfleet without trimming? Thanks! Brandon
  15. General Model Train Discussion
    My N scale Kato sd-45 running on DC progressively gets slower as the run time gets longer. While other trains appear to speed up as the running time lengthens, this particular locomotive somehow slows down to a crawl. This locomotive had prior problems, which caused me to convert it into a dummy...
  16. General Model Train Discussion
    I am planning on having Kato Unitrack fit with a Atlas code 80 track heading into a Atlas turntable. How would I make the conversion between Kato and Atlas tracks, and any potential problems? Thank you! Brandon
  17. General Model Train Discussion
    I got a 50 inches by 50 inches space available for a winter theme layout. If I choose to go HO, I will have a turntable and two short sidings, but not much room for much buildings or scenery. If I choose to go N scale, I will have two tracks, two sidings complete with a small town. I don't know...
  18. General Model Train Discussion
    On my next N scale layout, I will include a portion of the double track which runs through the middle of main street. The problem is that I have no clue how to create this scene. Please share your experience Thank you! Brandon
  19. General Model Train Discussion
    I went down to San Clemente a few days ago and was inspired to do a N scale layout representation of the surfline. I have several questions: what can I use to model sand? How do I make rocks? How do I model waves and surf? Thank you! Brandon
  20. General Model Train Discussion
    Are there any N scale Chicago L train sets out there? Or anything that looks like it? Trying to model Chicago suburbs, I have the Metra, the Amtrak, but not the L... Thank you! Brandon
1-20 of 41 Results