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  1. Tomix Buildings?

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am looking to create a modern N scale scene and noticed Tomix has modern buildings. I did notice they are 1/150 instead of the standard N scale of 1/160, is there a noticeable difference? Thank you! Brandon
  2. Dust Monkeys?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Ran my finger over my Kato track this morning, and had a thick black line, I am thinking of purchasing dust monkeys from Woodland Scenics instead of a cleaning car. I know it may not work as well, but how well? If anyone uses this product, tell me about it. Thank you! Brandon
  3. Kato Switches

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am thinking of running trains on one mainline while storing several trains in a yard with Kato unitrack switches. I would like to do this with analog DC power. Will power be distributed to all rail, or isolated to just the mainline or sidings once a switch is set.
  4. Problems, problems, problems...

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am going to tell the full story here. I finished applying ballast about three weeks ago, and every weekend after that was dedicated to cleaning the track. It worked, for a while at least. Here is the weird part, IT SOMETIMES WORK, SOMETIMES NOT SO MUCH! Only this morning, my trains ran smooth...
  5. Frustration

    General Model Train Discussion
    I cleaned my N scale layout with hand for two days straight, it worked for about four days then everything returned to what it had been before. I am very frustrated, slightly depressed and is actually considering selling my stuff. I thought this was suppose to be fun...:mad: Please help!!! Brandon
  6. Locomotive Painting Mistake

    General Model Train Discussion
    I started painting my N Scale locomotive today, but found myself using enamel paint, which I find very hard to work with. What should I do now? Thank you! Brandon
  7. Paint and Decal

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am about to apply paint and decal to a undecorated N scale Kato SD70MAC. Any tips for painting N scale and applying decals. Please help make my life over the next few weeks easy. Thank You! Brandon
  8. Custom Numberboard?

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am buying a undecorated N Scale Kato sd 70 to paint it my self, I am wondering about how I would custom make the number board? Thank you! Brandon
  9. Cleaning Dry Ballast

    General Model Train Discussion
    It looks like I put a little too much ballast, a beginer's mistake. It is all dried up now, and the train stalls from time to time. Please offer me advise on cleaning excess dry ballast from my N scale tracks. Maybe a knife or plastic sheet? Thank you!!! Brandon
  10. Ballest on drive wheel

    General Model Train Discussion
    I got some loose ballast into the drive wheel of a Kato SD-40, how do I remove it and clean the wheels? Thank you! Brandon
  11. Ballest UniTrack

    General Model Train Discussion
    Is it safe to use glue to ballest Unitrack with glue? I was thinking of using scenics cement, good idea? If not what should I do? Thank you!!! Brandon
  12. Paint On Track

    General Model Train Discussion
    I got some woodland scenics concrete color paint on my Kato Unitrack while completing a level crossing, should I worry about train stalling? and if so, how should I fix it? Thank you!!! Brandon
  13. Kato Unitrack product catalog as PDF?

    N Scale
    I've done quite a bit of searching and have not found any comprehensive information on Kato "N" scale Unitrack products. Coming from "O" gauge where Lionel and MTH publish very clear and colorful downloadable catalogs several times a year, I'm surprised. Making sense of the Kato Unitrack...
  14. Nce switch kat

    N Scale
    Hi everyone I have NCE Switch-Kat decoder but cannot program it (using MRC PRODIGY EXPRESS) Any advice?
  15. Locomotive manufacturers

    Beginner Q & A
    So, since I am new to model railroading, I am trying to get a perspective on the various manufacturers of locomotives. I have compiled a list of the various brands that I am aware of and with which I have had some experience. Kato: Kato seems like they have the right blend of variety, sturdy...
  16. Kato Unitrack Layout

    N Scale
    About to dive into my first N scale layout and I am stumped trying to figure out the layout. I have been through the Kato site and a few others to get some ideas but ugh..... I'm overwhelmed. I think I'm trying to do to much in a 36/42" x 72" space. My wants are two main lines, yards to store...
  17. Unitrack & Kato FIRE SALE!!!!

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Goodbye cruel N Scale World... I'm dumping all my N scale and wanted to give this site first crack since everyone here has been more than helpful to me. All items are like new except where noted and everything is less than 6mos old. The reason I am selling is that I have no room to put...
  18. My latest Ontario Northland project

    HO Scale
    Although the ONR ran SD40-2's, my late father had started painting up and SD40 as a birthday gift for me. His airbrush went a little awry and the project was never finished, I stripped it down and have it underway again. HO Kato SD40 (pretending to be a -2) in the 1970's green livery. Herald...
  19. Question about Kato TGV Duplex

    N Scale
    I've seen that their 700 Series Shinkansen has a nose cone that opens up to reveal a coupler. Is this true of their TGV as well?
  20. FS HO Engines huge List

    Retailer Deals
    FS HO Scale Engines Walthers, Atlas, Kato,Bachmann, Athearn, Model Power Hi Guys, i have to sell: Athearn 2 x Athearn HO Scale Delaware Otsego System #94120 RS-3 Locomotive - w/DCC Quick-Plug Equipped (102) each $55 Athearn "Genesis" HO Wisconsin & Southern F45 Locomotive #1002 (G67537) $89...