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  1. Other Scales
    I have a Maine 2 Foot Forney, Hinkley, etching kit by Robert E. Sloan, that I wanted to make into Sandy River/SR&RL No. 1 Dawn. I'm not sure if I have the all the right parts or instructions needed for it. I can worry about power tools and such later. I have one brass sheet that has he pars for...
  2. Structures Forum
    Here is the second of three parts of my kitbash of the Holt Hotel in Wichita Falls, TX. Here I scratch build trim and install it with windows and weathering.
  3. Structures Forum
    It is always a challenge to find a kit that can be transformed (kitbashed) into a prototype structure you need. I show you some techniques as I kitbash the Holt Hotel (part 1).
  4. HO Scale
    Hello, I am currently working on a project to kitbash a Bachmann Spectrum K4 Pacific into a freelance pacific of my own design. Since this is my first kitbash, I plan to keep it relatively simple by retaining the boiler structure and cab, as well as the Belpaire firebox. I only plan to replace...
1-4 of 4 Results