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  1. S Scale
    I dusted off my older engine today and discovered it runs better than my new engine. Only problem is that the tender has a link coupler on it. I've heard people say it is easy to change it. The thing is riveted in place, and I've only really used rivets before with leatherwork. Can anyone give...
  2. HO Scale
    Hello Some my freight cars and locos broken knuckle couplers. Those are HO models of Attlas, Athern Genesiss, BLI ... Can I buy knuckle couplers of any model like Atllas, Athern, Wallther ... for replace ? In your opinion, which type of knuckle couplers is best ? Thanks
  3. O Scale
    I think I have found the reason the magnetic couplers uncouple all by themselves when the train is long. If you examine the place where the pin keeps the knuckle closed, you will see that it is slightly tapered. Under vibration and tension on the knuckle, this makes the pin walk along the...
  4. HO Scale
    Hey modelers. I need your opinion on this question. Over the months, I have managed to pickup three IHC Via Rail passenger cars. Now, all of them were bought with stock McHenry long shank Horn Hook couplers. I would like to replace them with the knuckle couplers, but I don't know if they are...
1-4 of 4 Results