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  1. Has anyone built a scooter for under the layout?

    O Scale
    I'm getting older and just embarking on building a new layout. The layout will be on carpet. I'm looking for plans for some sort of scooter that would allow me to move around easily under the layout. I was thinking of something based on those furniture sliders?? I don't thing a garage...
  2. layout question

    HO Scale
    I have 8 x 10 space in the middle of a room is it possible to have a layout to fold into two and 1/8 pieces when I want more room it will most likely will have an opening in the middle. I don't expect it to be folded very much maybe once every 5 years or so. if it is possible should I consider...
  3. Small layout combining Standard Gauge and O Gauge

    Layout Design Forum
    I am rebuilding my grandfathers train (American Flyer from 1930's) as well as my fathers (Lionel from late 40's early 50's) which are two different gauges for my son and I to use. Does anyone have some good examples of a nice layout? I don't want it to take over my basement (wife and daughter...
  4. Point-to-Point vs. The Ambiguous Loop

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hello, it's certainly been a while- that's for sure! For a long time, I've been becoming disenchanted with the all too common loop! I'm fed up with them. So I've been exploring "point-to-point operations." One of my favorite layouts, the Crooked Mountain Lines, is one of these said...
  5. TRAX, the first webbased model railroad design application

    Product Promotion
    Hi, I' d like to introduce to you my model railroad design application TRAX. It is the first and only web based program of it's kind and it is totally free. I started developping TRAX in 2011 and launched the first version in the beginning of 2012. Until now it was only available in Dutch - my...
  6. Newbie seeking information resources

    HO Scale
    Hi, I'm new to this all (model railways and this forum). I've wanted a model railway since I was 8 and my friend's dad had a gorgeous set up spanning three walls in his basement. I finally have a basement of my own, and space isn't an issue. I have a semi-circular area roughly 14' x 8', right...
  7. Help - Time to Upgrade - Transformer / Command and Control

    O Scale
    Hi all, First time poster here. I am looking for advice in upgrading my layout... here's the detail: Over the past 7 years I've been building up my collection... comes out and goes under the tree each year. The layout has grown in size and accessories, and I have a collection of different...