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  1. Beginner Q & A
    I'm new to model railroading and have come up with a rough sketch of my layout. I guess it is like a point to point operation, as I don't have the room for a loop. The scheme with my layout is that it will operate as a scenic passenger railway. The locomotive will leave out from point A (see...
  2. My Layout
    I've got a 16x2' shelf layout with a 12' extension for a storage yard. Been building it since spring of 2019. Not based on any prototype but it's inspired by all the industrial spurs around Los Angeles(that are now mostly abandoned). I drive to see a client once a month in Vernon and enjoy...
  3. HO Scale
    Hi Forum, I am a recent newbie - to say its been many years since I had my train layout and it seems much has changed in the tech side certainly. My son has taken an avid interest and I am looking to plan and work with him to build a small HO layout. It is this basis that drives the questions...
  4. Revised Layout 5.1

  5. Revised Layout 10

  6. Revised Layout 8

    Revised layout
  7. Revised Layout 6

  8. Revised Layout 3

    Revised layout 3
  9. Layout Design Forum
    I have started out with a new layout and I have set up the track on a foam base. I then added a bridge and cut a lake/pond. I then realized that i hadn't planned what buildings to put. I'm hoping for some ideas for what to put around the track. It is HO and a 4x6 since i don't have much space. I...
  10. Z Scale
    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum AND the Z scale world (previously did some light work with N and HO) and looking to purchase a starter set online. Would anyone recommend one that won't break the bank? I am living in DC working for the govt so my space is a bit limited, but still have a 3rd...
  11. My Layout
  12. O Scale
    Hello everyone... I am new to this board and am glad to be here. My question... I have decided that I want to build a Lionel (O gauge..O scale ??) layout with my 12 year old son as a father son project. My space is limited. The maximum size would be 4x16. To clarify, that would be two 4x8...
  13. N Scale
    For those who like to see layouts in progress, here is a video of the progress I've made on my layout the past 4 or 5 months.
  14. O Scale
    I recently visited Big River Train Town in Hannibal, MO--a toy train museum with lots of great Lionel and 3 Rail trains both running and on display. Operator Judy Kleinman is a fascinating soul with a neat story. She let me take some video which I hope you enjoy.
  15. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hi, I'm a new member here. I've always loved trains and I had a pretty nice O scale setup when I was younger. Anyways, I'm planning on making a whole new setup in the HO scale since I'd be able to fit more things in terms of trains/scenery/ together to make it look more realistic (basically...
  16. HO Scale
    Been a while since my last visit on forum. Lots going on and my better half wanted her room back... Had to move my layout to the back room. Just a short look at what I ended up with. Works for me and makes me happy to have since my dad gave the New Haven to me some fifty years ago.
  17. Norwottuck Rr 001

    First stages of the fictional Norwottuck RR. Set in the region of Amherst MA over the Norwottuck rail trail.
  18. General Model Train Discussion
    I want to try a "railroad in a railroad" on my layout. The TY Scale layouts appear to be a possibility. Has anyone heard if these layouts are of quality and dependable?
  19. General Model Train Discussion
    So I have a 4X8 table with a 3" lip on it. To make it even I am going to fill it up with a material here are the options im thinking about Pink Styrofoam A 3" thick sheet of plywood A 5X9 ping pong table on top of the table Or if you have any other suggestions please tell me in a reply and...
1-20 of 85 Results