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  1. O Scale
    Here is a quick todo. A friend wanted a flashing light for his tower. My specialty! I used a gold indented Xmas LED bulb with a Radio Shack LED mount. The hole on top as 1/4 inch. WIth luck I had to feed the wires through three holes in glued sections to get from the base to the top. The easy...
  2. Technical Model Train Forum
    I have some down time on the arc board,no parts. I wanted to test my 555 chips to see if they work. So I made up a flasher to test them. I had trouble all week until I looked at the breadboard. You know that funny thing with the holes. Well since you may not be familiar with it I had to take it...
  3. General Model Train Discussion
    The next step is making a LED Flash. After checking some sources and trial runs. I can get a LED to flash slow enough and not look like a Xmas tree. This one flashes at 41 per minute. By swapping the 100K with 220K and swapping the 10k with 2.2K. I got 19 flashes per minute. I used a 9 volt...
  4. Led Flasher With 555 Timer

    Mockup of a LED Flasher on a bread board. 41 Flahes per minute, 9 volt power supply
1-4 of 4 Results