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  1. O Scale
    I bought a roll of 300 12 volt leds recommended by GunnerJohn. Just curious how many people are using to light up a passenger car or caboose. Also curious about using a zener or resistor to reduce the voltage. Thanks; Don
  2. Structures Forum
    Greetings, This is a post for how I contracting the buildings in my Lionel Polar Express layout, Here is the finished product. The images following show the progress of making them. I originally wanted to use actual buildings but had...
  3. O Scale
    Has anybody found a practical use for those tiny SMD LEDs? Can they be soldered? I'm wondering if they can be used in my 1122 switches. If they have a 120 degree light spread, perhaps they could be glued to the bottom of the lantern. If so, the lanters would light up much better than with...
  4. O Scale
    I have some Lionel passenger cars that I'd like to pop the top off. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how they're attached. The Lionel instructions are no help, they claim there are tabs to release the top when there clearly are none. One of the cars in question is the Lionel 6-9532...
  5. More Guilford

    I was hoping for a good picture of a FRED
1-5 of 5 Results