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  1. Disneland Railroad Lilly Belle Passenger Car (LGB) Project Completion

    General Model Train Discussion
    Disneyland Railroad Lilly Belle Passenger Car (LGB) Project Completion, HI folks, Over the past few years we at Imagination Station Kids On Track have been engaged in a project involving kids in our program in which we have worked on building a Disneyland train. The locomotive was finished...
  2. LGB 25192 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Engine Repair Help Needed

    G / #1 Scale
    Hi, All! My name is Michael. I'm a model train repair technician in Dallas, Texas, and a customer sent in his 25192 Mogul steam engine. His grand kids were playing with it and pulled out the wires from the tender plug. He got the wires back it, but it made a horrible static noise. I tried...
  3. Massive Online LGB & Lionel Train Liquidation Auction - Ends Today - No Minimums

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hello All: Our auction gallery has 2 large estate train collections consigned to be liquidated by online auction. Sorry for the late notice, but the auction is today and it is online only. This is a large 700 lots auction, and begins at 11am Eastern. It will run for about 10 hours. You can...
  4. Barry's Big Trains LGB 2-6-0 Drive Conversion/Disneyland Railroad/Photos/Video

    General Model Train Discussion
    :smilie_daumenpos:This post is an update on a long time running project to convert a standard LGB Denver and Rio Grande 2-6-0 Mogul into a Disneyland Railroad locomotive. (Not an exact replica) This locomotive needed to be capable of pulling 11 cars and have the durability to stand up to...
  5. Breathtaking G-Scale Layout in South Dakota

    G / #1 Scale
    I had to chance to visit the only Garden Railroad in Sioux Falls, SD; and perhaps in all of Eastern South Dakota. This is a MUST SEE video of the layout! CeSj79DZRRo&hd=1 Enjoy!
  6. Indoor G scale in my dinning Room

    G / #1 Scale
    I'm designing my first layout. I'm going indoors, multiple rooms, G-scale. Yeah that's right. I'm gotten some help with the layout, so it looks pretty professional already. I plan on running 4 trains simultaneously with the juggle auto track switching LGB makes possible with their original...
  7. LGB White Pass Diesel - won't move forward

    G / #1 Scale
    I'm having an issue with my 2055 White Pass engine. It won't move forward some times. It will drive in reverse without issue. When try to make the engine go forward, the lights come on, but the train moves intermittently. I have another engine 2020 that works fine. I'm thinking that it...
  8. Kids Program New Addition LGB DRG 0-4-0

    G / #1 Scale
    Imagination Station Kids on Track/Donated locomotive and open air riding car for kids to operate/Riders needed [email protected]
  9. LGB 2085D Locomotive, LGB 3207, LGB 3019 brand new in original Boxes for sale

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    like the title said they all brand new and with original boxes i had them in my office one a display, i never run the locomotive engine give me your best offer, any questions please email me or call my cell #917-968-2858. and i will trow in maybe more then 100 collectible Magazines Magazine...
  10. LGB 2055 White Pass Traction issue

    G / #1 Scale
    I just purchased a LGB 2055 White Pass diesel and I've noticed it doesn't have any traction wheels on it, which prevents it from pulling more than 4 cars on a level track layout. Does anyone have any solutions for increasing the traction? Thanks, Jim
  11. LGB 2040 RhB Crocodile

    LGB 2040 RhB Crocodile

    One of the first locos in my LGB collection! It does need to be cleaned up a bit.