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  1. HO Looking for a replacement motor for a Life-Like Proto 2000 SW9

    Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    I have a H0 Life-Like Proto 2000 SW9 and its motor has died. I am looking for a replacement motor. I have already sent an E-Mail to Walthers (who seem to own Life-Like's model railroad division) about getting a replacement motor, but I am posting here in case someone knows of some other...
  2. SoCal (Orange County) Life Like Products "Train in a Box" - SOLD

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Happy January, It is time to pass on to the next care taker of this Life-Like Products N-Scale "Train In A Box" - Starter Set. I purchased it a few years ago for my daughter who was jealous of her older brother's O-scale train. She is now done with it and wants one like her brother...
  3. Repair Parts for a Life-Like engine

    General Model Train Discussion
    I have a life like engine that got dropped. The drive gears have come out of their containment boxes and the drive gear has come out of the flywheel. Any advise on where to get parts or break out plans for life-like engines:confused:?
  4. life like ..... Command 2000

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I have a life like automotive that I ran with a decoder I installed about 10 years ago. I replacedmy old command 2000 withone i bought on e-bay because my old one had indicator lights burned out. When I hooked up the new Command 2000 the locomotive with no decoder in it ran fine on slide #1 ...