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  1. Remotoring a Lima 0-4-0

    HO Scale
    Hi: This is my first train, I'm a newbie here. I noted that the loco was jerky, it didn't run smooth at lower speeds, in fact, the lower speeds weren't that lower. Small locos have small motors. So I decided to replace it with a flat motor that I guess it came from a Cd-ROM player, maybe it...
  2. SHARK! No, it's an Baldwin!

    HO Scale
    No, I don't mean to scare anybody (no JAWS Here:p), what Baldwin Sharks do you have on your layout's? TYCO, Bachmann, Model Power, Mantua Diecast? Tell about your Baldwin stars here, heck, I don't care if they aren't even Sharks, any Baldwin goes, just as long as Eddystone or Lima had their mits...