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  1. O Scale
    Time for some fun. A caboose in need of repair. Abracadabra!!!!!
  2. O Scale
    These of course are Lionel. I am starting the thread to address these engines. I collected a few and they do have slight variations. These are low cost units for the time. Unlike the majority of steam engines they were produced in a variety of colors with road names. They varied with magnetic...
  3. O Scale
    So this is one of the pieces that I bought recently. Now I was doing some research on it, but have come up very short. It is brand new, but it does not even come up on the Lionel website. There catalogs only go back to 2004 and this goes waayyy back to 1997, I think it was only TMC then ;)...
  4. O Scale
    That is the question, We have seen here frequently and this thread hopefully will show the newbee the way. I just got a little Lionel set that has been sitting in storage and will make a good candidate for this thread. A postwar 216 AA Minnie and St.Lou from 1964/65. More detail to follow. All...
  5. O Scale
    I just received the Texas Special #211 one powered and one dummy A units, I won on e bay. If I run the dummy with the shell on it wobbles side to side, enough sometimes to make it jump the track. If I take the shell off the frame runs around fine. They both have the reproduction skirts if...
  6. O Scale
    Hey all, This just arrived in the mail today. Not quite sure what I got here... I bought this thinking it was another Alco shell like I already have.... But I found out that it has a metal frame which includes the front opening, and a light setup as well.. It also came with a windshield...
  7. O Scale
    Hey all, Just picked these up today. Traded some old model aircraft kits for them. My first ever O scale locomotives. Unpowered dummy Powered engine Both are in rough shape. The windscreen area of the powered unit is broken. I figure I can do a little surgery to repair that. I'd like...
1-7 of 7 Results