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  1. O Scale
    Hello, I’ve been restoring this old Lionel 4-4-2 I got from a flea market- so far everything has gone smoothly, motor runs fine- disassembly was easy. However, I’m getting a MASSIVE headache over trying to reassemble this thing- whether it be the smoke unit not fitting in right, or the when the...
  2. Technical Model Train Forum
    Hello everyone! It’s my first post here. Been meaning to join for a while but finally using this question as an excuse to join. Hope I can have a good time here. Now to the question. Me and friends are currently starting a small O scale business. Mainly for Passenger cars and rolling stocks...
  3. Tinplate
    I bought a lionel 248 engine at York. The wiring was bad and the field coil wiring is also bad. Any suggesting on how to replace the field coil? I tested the armature and and it appears to be OK. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Technical Model Train Forum
    This is a bit of a shot in the dark. So, long story short, I'm in the process of building my O scale Lionel layout and was given some Lionel 1122 non-derailing turnouts that had been modified for accessory power and included a controller that was supposed to prevent the turnout coil from...
  5. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Here is an old Instruction Booklet. I have not dated it but it covers standard gage.
  6. O Scale
    Hello people of the internet, I was recently gifted a 2004 lionel polar express set from a friend at my dads job, and it is stuck in the reverse direction. If anyone could possibly help it will indeed be appreciated.
  7. O Scale
    Hi, I was given a Lionel 1033 Transformer with a train set and track (3 rail) from a dear friend whose husband had this new in 1947 or 1948. I am new to model trains but I am looking to get this up and running this year for my 6 yr old son to see and play with trains. Q: Is there anything...
  8. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Brand new in factory sealed box of Norfolk Southern train set. $300 obo plus shipping. Paypal would be the best way to pay. Or trade for working HO scale steam locomotive with working sound and smoke, and set. All proceeds will go towards purchasing HO trains and HO parts for giant classroom layout.
  9. O Scale
    Union Pacific RR delivers to their customer Economy Lumber here in Campbell, California. I tried to control their TMCC locomotive with my Lionel Cab-1L controller but it didn't work. Maybe my batteries were weak? 🚂
  10. O Scale
    So my VISION GS-1 works on Lionel Fastrack with an MTH Z-1000 controller. Everything worked out fine for the first day I ran it. Unfortunately, however, the firebox glow does not work anymore. Can anyone help me diagnose the problem at all?
  11. Product Promotion
    We offer a full service Lionel Train Repair from Pre-war trains to Modern Trains . Our specialty is in repairing Post-war Trains. We have been repairing our own Lionel trains for 20+ years. And within the last 3 years we decided to expand our help to others in the hobby that need work done. As a...
  12. O Scale
    I'm looking to sell my Lionel TMCC JLC Challenger, but I'm looking for a website to list it on that doesn't take 20% of the revenue like EBay does. I am looking for a place that's cheap, and where its likely to sell fast.
  13. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    This is my Lionel train set which I was given as a gift as a child around 1987-88. It gave me and my younger siblings (I'm the oldest of 5) lots of joy every Christmas as children. I believe the train and most of the accessories are from the 1970s (the older transformer's manual says Oct 21...
  14. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I am selling 3 Lionel N&W passenger cars. 16 inches long, all in original boxes 2 coaches and 1 baggage 6-9562, 6-9564 and 6-9565. Labeled for the Powhatan Arrow, would look nice added to your Williams or Lionel postwar N&W J. See pictures for description. $50 each or all 3 for $130 plus...
  15. For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    (Sold) 1684 Lionel Pre War - Black - Die-Cast Steam Engine Locomotive - 2-4-2 - O Gauge/Scale Price:$55 Shipping:$9.99 Payment:Paypal Locomotive Condition: -Engine has been cleaned, greased, oiled & tested (Reconditioned to former Greatness) -Motor Armature, Motor Brushes, E-Unit, & Drivers...
  16. Technical Model Train Forum
    Hello, My first post here! When we set up our Lionel 6-31960 Polar Express train around the Christmas tree this year, the CW-80 transformer made buzzing noise and the train did not move. The green light came on, and the engine made humming noise like it was about to go but did not move. The...
  17. O Scale
    Hello all, I am new to the forum and train collecting. I am a huge nutcracker collector and want to expand into a train collector. The first train I want to intergrate into my current collection is the Lionel Nutcracker Route train set. It will link my collections together. I am currently (and...
  18. Train Shows, Events
    Join us for this Exclusive UNRESERVED Farm Toy & Lionel Train Collection Auction for Jeff Kiss & the Late Coleman Kiss :SELLIT: At the Scribner Auction Pavilion : 121-15 Ave (Hwy 14), Wainwright, AB (Live in House & Internet Bidding) Saturday, Sept 28th 2019 @ 11am. It will be our pleasure...
  19. O Scale
    Greeting all, I have recently acquired a 1946 Lionel #164 Log Loader. I was able to get the motor and lifting mechanism cleaned, lubed and running exceptionally well. The "off-loader" is a different story. The solenoid fires ok. However, the cams seem to have to much play between them...
1-19 of 136 Results