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  1. ToyFair 2016 Interview with,Lionel President Howard Hitchcock.

    Forum News, Updates and Help
    Hello everybody. Just finished putting up my new videos of ToyFair 2016. There is something for everyone to check out. Here is a short list of some of the companies that was there.The Bridge Direct, Konami, Cryptozoi, Upper Deck, Lionel Trains, Fun Lines for Die-Cast Cars, The Four Horsemen &...
  2. For Sale: Lionel TMCC Remote Control Set

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Have for sale the following Lionel TMCC items as a set, complete with boxes and instructions. With the exception of the Big Red Switch, which was never used, these items were gently used on a layout to control non-command locomotives. All items worked when last used. Selling all for $150, which...
  3. Really odd Fastrack 6-12046 switch issue

    O Scale
    Howdy, I purchased two of these switches for my new layout and it's my first experience with them. Both were described as new in box but look to be older stock as the date on the packaging says 2004. My left hand switch works perfectly. No issues. The right hand switch is having some odd...
  4. Update on the 1664

    O Scale
    So, I Finally found myself a transformer, bought myself some track, and purchased rolling stock at our local train show. The locomotive doesn't run! It's getting electricity from the track, so the power source is OK. I took it apart and cleaned the motor, contacts seem to be in good order...
  5. An O Layout?

    General Model Train Discussion
    So, I'm thinking seriously about building an O layout. I would likely use Lionel locos and rolling stock. The main reasons are: 1) With Lionel, you have a wide selection of available road names and specific locomotive types (2-8-0, etc... Although, admittedly, Lionel has noticeably scaled...
  6. Show off your tinplate! Anything goes

    Ok I'll start this off. Post anything tinplate. Buildings , trains, etc. Ed, even your cans:) here is a wind up toy a got a while back. It's missing the key, anyone know where to get one or a picture of one so I can reproduce it? Also the top on one side is missing. The lithos are good and it...
  7. Lionel O Prewar 1664 question

    O Scale
    First post on what looks like a great forum site! So, I recently made purchase of a lot on ebay, all HO stuff except for a Lionel 1664. I straitened out the bent axle on the rear bogie but It appears to be missing the third rail feed pickups. Is there a special place I can get these? there's...
  8. Operator grade postwar trains for sale

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I have some operator grade postwar trains for sale on my website:
  9. Unboxing Lionel A/F ES44AC S-Scale Locomotives

    S Scale
    Made a short video of my new "toys."
  10. Vision Line Passenger Cars

    O Scale
    According to a reliable source with excellent access, the next Lionel Vision Line product will be a passenger car or set of cars. It will be built using the the tooling for the new 21" cars due out this Christmas as part of the Empire State Express. The 21" Vision Line Passenger Car could be...
  11. Polar Express

    O Scale
    I know this set may be out dated a little and it is not as big as it used to be, but does anyone know if Lionel is making anymore Polar Express cars?
  12. Improving mid 90's Lionel 4-8-4 J-Class smoke unit

    O Scale
    Howdy, I recently purchased what looked like a new in box Lionel 6-18040 Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 J-Class Steam Locomotive & Tender from 1995. We live in VA and my son is really excited to see the 611 come thru Manassas in a few weeks and when I saw an awesome deal on this 612 I couldn't pass it...
  13. Lionel Railroad Ties $10 off during April

    Product Promotion
    Hi my name is Josh I and I sell soft plastic railroad ties for Lionel Trains. For years these have been sold by my families injection molding company first via mail order, then paypal and now Amazon. We sell them in O, O-27, and S gauge in 250 bag quantities. Click here to go to our web store...
  14. Lionel Multi Control 1241 Transformer and Lionel 221 Loco

    O Scale
    Good day I was given a Lionel set ages ago and have finally got round to starting the restoration. The wiring in general is a mess and unfortunately the manuals was not included in the moth eaten box. I would like to check this transformer properly before running the loco and tender. (a...
  15. Lionel 2344 Horn Problem

    O Scale
    I have a 2344 locomotive and the horn does not work. I don't know exactly how the horn works. Having to use a battery is strange to me when you have a power source. Anyway... Using a 1033 90 watt transformer: When I use the whistle lever the relay closes I have continuity from the truck to...
  16. Lionel Pennsylvania 4-4-0 Traction issue?

    O Scale
    I just picked up a 4-4-0 General. This is my first experience with a plastic 0 gauge train. The train and cars are really beautiful even though the train is not green and red as in the promo pictures but black and red. The problem is that it is really having trouble hauling the 3 or even 2...
  17. Our first o scale setup...

    My Layout
    Over Christmas we found my dad's old train set from 1952. It is the 726RR Berkshire set along with a few accessory pieces. Everything was in pretty bad shape and required a lot of work to get running again. The track was mostly rusted and the transformer was cut up. I couldn't tell what any of...
  18. Lionel Train set for sale

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    These belonged to my husband who passed away several years ago. Before I list them individually on eBay, I would sell the entire collection. I don't know what everything is worth. Can someone tell me how to find out? Or just a guess....$2,000.00 for everything...
  19. 8 x 14 layout

    My Layout
    I haven't visited here in quite some time. This is where my layout was: As it turned out the porch was not a great idea. The dirt that blows in, plus the moisture when it rains is too much of a problem. So, my wife has given me the garage to use. I've purchased a...
  20. 1947 Lionel set (#1400)

    O Scale
    I have the makings of what would have been a Lionel box set (though I acquired each of them separately.) A 1947 version of the Lionel 221 - with the nickle rimmed drivers - the tender is a 221W. What I believe is a 1947 version of Post War Lionel Pullman cars - 2430(2) and 2431(1). They are of...