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  1. Lionel O guage 2046 problem

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am running a Lionel O gauge 2046 with tender on lionel fastrack. The train receives plenty of power to go around the track, but when I press the whistle button on a lionel cw 80 transformer, the train whistle sounds, but the train comes to a stop as if all the power is drained just to turn...
  2. Lionel cars at auction

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Check out Paige Auction’s Tuesday sale for four lots of Lionel train cars. They include a Spirit of ’76 diesel engine (lot 107), a Southern Crescent dining car (lot 57), a set of five Southern Crescent cars (lot 177) and a Spirit of ’76 caboose (lot 197). To find out more, go to...
  3. Lionel Stamps

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Morning lads. I have no use for these stamps that came with the Marx O gage Tank Car. (which by the way I will more than likely be selling also due to the fact I have nothing that is Marx. Thought I would offer it here before setting it up on Ebay. I have no Idea the worth of the stamps...
  4. Lionel Train Zippo Lighter - closeout price

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hey guys, just thought i'd let you know about this cool Lionel Model Train Zippo lighter. Check it out on this page near the bottom, from It's the second from the bottom, 16.95, with...
  5. T-38 grain of wheat blub, need help to find

    O Scale
    I need help in finding T-38 grain of wheat bulbs 12V for my Lionel O27 Southern Cresent Limited engine headlight. Also can this be replaced with a LED and if so what part # would it be? Thanks for any help, Rio Grande Forever
  6. How to install Truck Pivot Stud?

    O Scale
    What is the best, or easiest, or recommended way of pressing/compressing a replacement Truck Pivot Stud into place? The 'collector' truck is a Lionel O27 8030-15, and is part of my 8030 Illinois Central GP9 engine. The engine can be seen on the inner loop in this video...
  7. Hi, new here, I have an old Lionel Train Set

    Beginner Q & A
    My husband who was 67 years old died earlier this year and we've been selling off a lot of things that he collected and had gotten from his parents as a child...many things we're saving but I need to downsize and things like this Lionel Train set have been sitting around unused for far too long...
  8. `79 Lionel engine smokes?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I'm new to this forum. I just bought my little boy his first train. I opted to buy an older Lionel engine, tender, and caboose. He is pretty excited. I have a question and I'm hoping somebody can help me: The engine smokes. It has a three-way switch on the...
  9. Need help - Lionel Polar Express wheel part

    General Model Train Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum to enlist some expert help figuring out what replacement part I need (thought it would be a lot easier to figure out). I have a Lionel Polar Express O-gauge engine (~2008). There is a plastic sleeve/holder that the truck axle fits into which has broken. I...
  10. Train Depot the train stops here

    Retailer Deals
    train depot the train stops here this is a great store for all your railway needs and more come check us out
  11. Lionel TMCC, Legacy, & Conventional Power & Control

    O Scale
    Hello, I am new to the hobby and want to set up a O-scale multi-engine layout using Lionel FasTrack and the new Legacy Controller. I have purchased a set that comes with the conventional CW-80 transformer but have not yet purchased the Legacy controller. I have also already purchased a...
  12. Polar Express Lamp Replacement

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I'm having trouble removing the coach top to replace a burnt out lamp in my Polar Express coach car. I have followed the directions in pushing in the side windows and pulling on the top but the roof won't budge. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any ideas on what to do?
  13. American & European Train auction

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello everyone! There is an excellent auction coming up this Saturday, featuring American & European Trains. click here Thank you, Auctionseek
  14. Trains.Trains, Toys, & More Trains!!

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    February 28 - 10AM TWO Huge Single Owner, Lifetime Train Collections are featured. This sale will include a large quantity of Post War Lionel, most in Original Boxes, a Blue Comet Set and Lionel "State Cars", a nice assortment of Train Sets with several never opened, accessories and more. The...
  15. Lionel Whistle Controller No. 66

    Technical Model Train Forum
    This is a prewar item so directions are scarce. I pulled the cover off to check the connections. The two left terminals are connected to the transformer. The two right terminals are connected to the track The two center terminals are common The left terminal is connected to the A terminal The...
  16. Lionel Lockon

    Lionel Lockon

  17. Converted Tank Car

    O Scale
    What do you do with a junk tank car. I don't own a submarine car so I made one. This was abused, it had holes drilled in the side. Most of the markings were worn off. The aft hatch was cut with a dremel and lowered. The aft end is a whip cream cap. The fins are birch plywood. The screw cover is...
  18. Restoring Prewar Tinplate Trains: A How-To

    O Scale
    I have written this how-to so that members of this site, or those just visiting here, can get some ideas for how they want to restore their O scale or Standard scale prewar tinplate trains... Before you start this process, be clear of two things... Firstly, not all people will enjoy restoring...