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  1. HO Looking for cheap locomotives

    Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Hi, My youngest son is quite the little model train enthusiast, and I just built him a small 4x4 HO layout on caster wheels that he keeps under his bed. I had a couple old Bachman F units from the 1980s that I brought back to life for him to use, but I was hoping to find him a couple...
  2. Build a work cradle for your locomotives and rolling stock

    Painting, detailing and decaling
    I recently built my own work cradle for upgrading, repairing, and weathering locomotives and rolling stock. I made a video about how I built it. I hope you find it helpful.
  3. Steam Locomotives & Features You'd Like to See

    HO Scale
    Here we go again with another question thread. Recently I've been cooking up a little idea for a manufacturing company that would make ridiculously detailed locomotives in HO Scale. It is only an idea, but it is always fun to wonder. If you'd like an idea of what I mean by 'ridiculously...
  4. N-Scale 1950ies custom stuff WesternMaryland Line on ebay

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hi I have some N-scale cars and engines here on ebay (User: railroad_anthology). Most of it comes weathered and with customized trucks. Realistic appeal. 1950ies era, USA. - hoppers Western Maryland (in packs of 5), rolling stock included - various boxcars (in packs of 3), a tankcar, a WM...
  5. Unboxing Lionel A/F ES44AC S-Scale Locomotives

    S Scale
    Made a short video of my new "toys."
  6. Club model railroading

    General Model Train Discussion
    Has anyone been a member of a club? What was the experience like? I was hoping to get a better understanding of how clubs generally operate. Are you still a member? I was hoping to get some more in-depth feedback on club model railroading vs. basement model railroading. Do you bring your own...
  7. Fleischmann's TV Protection?

    HO Scale
    So, I have a Fleischmann 2-8-2 made in "U.S. Zone Germany", and I can't figure out for the life of me, why won't it cause lines on an old tube television? The same goes for my Bachmann 4-8-4, and a few others. However, even a can-motor locomotive will cause lines on the television, and so will...
  8. Layout grading and lighting

    Beginner Q & A
    Another couple of things that I have been wondering about, is if I DO do a hump yard (which it's looking more and more like that's what I am going to do), I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions as to how to get the "bowl" effect. In many YouTube videos, it seems what people are doing...
  9. Brissoneau Diesel Locomotive Class 1200 CP (Portuguese Railways)

    Model Train Photo Gallery
    Hi, Another set of photos of a project built for a friend that bought this model on the Internet. The model represented a Brissoneau Diesel Locomotive Class 1200 from CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standard orange/brown colour scheme, but my friend was a little surprised (not to say...
  10. Beginner and I need help!

    HO Scale
    Hey guys I need some help. With the discovery my girl friend's family made while they were cleaning out their grandmothers place after she unfortunately passed away. Anyways it was a 1964 Lionel Ready to Run train set... that amazingly still ran without a problem even after sitting for who knows...
  11. What's in the HO roundhouse???

    HO Scale
    This thread is to talk about the fleets of our respective pikes. The rules are simple; (1) Play nice! The thread's open to those that will. (2) Talk about the fleets! What you have, need, and want too. (3) Have fun! Why not? (4) Make all the good jokes you want! Please leave the nasty poor...