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  1. O Scale
    On other forums and discussion groups, I've been discussing and soliciting advice on one of my current obsessions: exploring the old-school technology embedded in the venerable Marx "Twin Trains" set. For those unfamiliar with that post-war item, in addition to the "twin trains" of the title...
  2. General Model Train Discussion
    Background: Got this MARX set in 1964. 1666 side smoker. When I run this unit under light load smoke is not visible. If it is run full power with a heavier load it will smoke but just slightly. Do the smoke heating coils get weak with age or is the original smoke fluid I got with the set in...
  3. Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Looking for one or more HO scale Marx plastic single light towers item 6464 or 6416. Got one used in a lot I bought on eBay and would like to have another to match it. Contact LilCal in the forum. Thanks in advance.
  4. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    So, I posted some trains I acquired on this forum a week ago. Some older Lionel, Marx, American Flyer trains and a lot of O scale tracks, a transformer, and a DC power pack. I got a friendly message giving some information on them and apparently my starting price was a little too high; I have...
  5. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Hey everyone, Theres 4 hours left on my ebay auction of various old train models of Lionel, Marx, American-Flyer lot and more... check it out if youre interested. Thanks for looking...
  6. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I posted a thread about this listing before, I'm sorry if I'm annoying anyone. Just wanted to make sure that these trains get a good home and reaches every train lover to it's greatest potential. Check it out if anyone is interested. Auction ends in a couple days. Thanks everyone...
  7. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    I found what i thought was a just a Lionel Train set. I myself don't know much about trains but when I acquired this it turned out to be a some Lionel, Marx, and American-Flyer Train sets. As well as various train cars and 2 steam engines also came with a bunch of tracks, transformer, and DC...
  8. Model Train Photo Gallery
    Well, back this past December I started thinking about doing a model train and even asked for advice on this very forum. In the end, I decided to do a very simply oval loop with one siding layout with my Dad’s old 1950’s O-27 Marx train set. This is my first real train set, but, after 7 months...
  9. O Scale
    Hi All you Lionel experts, Anyone know if I can use the Lionel #167 Whistle Controller to ring the Bell on a K Line or Weaver Locomotive, equipped with TMCC and Railsounds, But running in Conventional Mode using a Lionel ZW? The whistle button on the ZW activates the whistle, but I'd also...
  10. O Scale
    I have a Marx 333 New Yor Central train with 3 illuminated passenger cars. How much output voltage do I need to run it? TLDiff
  11. O Scale
    Hi guys, Does anyone know if a Marx Canadian Pacific 494 motor will fit into a Marx 490 body shell? Both motors are 0-4-0s the difference between the two is that the 494 has a E unit and headlight. TLDiff
  12. O Scale
    Is it safe to use auto wax on vintage Marx tin litho rolling stock or will it damage the finish? TLDiff
  13. O Scale
    I have an old Marx 897 locomotive with wind up motor but no original track. Can it run on O27 track or does it need to run on the 2 rail track that these locos came with? TLDiff
  14. O Scale
    Does anyone know if there are switches other than Marx ones that a Marx engine can pass through? The Marx switches are hard to find and often don't work when I do find some. TLDiff
  15. O Scale
    I have an O scale Marx Diesel that i won off from Ebay, and i ran it on O-27 tube rail without issue, to be fancier i decided to use my fast track loop around my O-27 loop, and found that my center collector was beginning to wear down. My main question is if there was a way to trade out the...
  16. O Scale
    I posted this in the wrong Forum; sorry new to this business. What is the minimum voltage I need to apply to a Marx remote switch to cause it to engage? I have a 1033 transformer with 5, 11 or 16 volt terminals. Thanks, Dan:confused:
  17. O Scale
    i just picked up some old tin trains, can anyone tell me anything about these. how old, if they are lionel, value etc. see pics thankyou
  18. O Scale
    On the thread Doorway Layout & Track Question, the illustrious TJ made the remark... to which the indomitable servoguy responded... Thanks to the iridescent gunrunnerjohn, I recently acquired a collection of O27 switches and decided to do some testing to find a type compatible with both...
  19. O Scale
    I need some ideas and tips on modifying Lionel 45 degree crossovers to accommodate a 1940s Marx 999. I am primarily a collector and operator of HO models, but I have 3 Marx trains that I use for Christmas and for fun. I am upgrading my current Christmas tree oval to a double oval that uses a...
1-19 of 36 Results