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  1. O Scale
    This unit is intended to switch some signal bridge lights. Testing revealed an occasional sticking so this is the perfect opportunity for a teachable moment (my whole life is a teachable moment). I started with this: All off the 'clipped' leads were removed and the black wire on the right...
  2. O Scale
    I decided to clean this up and get it running. After many years in storage the reverse unit cycled but it would not run. SO here is my story. In case anyone wants to know how to clean out the revese unit. The shell. The motor. The motor has a large top and is attached to a plate to...
  3. O Scale
    This picture shows the isolated rivet attached to the frame. The socket has the two wires, one from the center rail and the other to a reverse unit finger. You can see the small rivet of the finger below. This shows the two fingers and two of the the three connectors can be seen on the wedge...
1-3 of 3 Results