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  1. Layout Design Forum
    I know this might be a little early to start, but the more time spent designing the less time rebuilding. I found anyrail software but can not change file type to post pictures of the track plan. Does anyone know how to or a program that could post track plans with? I want to do this layout...
  2. Layout Design Forum
    Hi! I'm planing my next HO fremo modules, the Golden Valley. The setting is western US in the mid 50's. It features a depot, a freight house + a speeder shed, and some industries. The structures are Walthers Cornerstone Series (Golden Valley...) Too many tracks? 'wrong' placement of...
  3. F-3 Postwar 2333

    The cracked nose was repaired by Bondo scratch putty and touched up with red gloss acrylic. Wire handrails were added for effect.
1-3 of 3 Results