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  1. For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Set up a website to conduct a virtual estate sale of a modest collection of Lionel Postwar, MPC and Modern Era O/O27 trains. Still loading photographs, descriptions and shopping cart buttons, but most of the inventory is listed. More details on the website. Early bird shoppers are welcome...
  2. O Scale
    Several of my steam locos from the MPC era (2-4-2s, 4-4-2s, etc.) have the 2-position E-unit with a double-wound motor field. These were all made during the 1970s. In several cases the E-units become balky and refuse to reverse once the loco has fully warmed up. It often takes multiple...
  3. O Scale
    Hi all, I recently got my old set from my parents and I'm trying to get it up in running I think it's 0-27. It's been out of operation for over 10yrs and I don't really remember how exactly it worked. It's a Lionel set that has a old 40660 transformer and I was also given a MRC Tech II...
1-3 of 3 Results