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  1. HO Scale
    Hi all this is the first post for me here: I am trying to repair a couple of Tech 4 MRC260's for my model railroad clubs new DC layout. Both have a direction control issue. I have traced the problem to the Q7 transistor on both boards. It is labelled .D1230 and is attached to a large heat...
  2. N Scale
    Hello, I have a MRC Yagoslavia Locomotive, it's running power is really bad when I use my bachmann train to compare them the bachmann loco has no problem running, the MRC loco does not go until I turn the power to max speed, when I connect it with another train it just goes really slow giving...
  3. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello I found that when setting the loco address on Z21 and MRC there is a difference: On Z21, if you want to set the long address > 128, you must reset CV 17, 18 (calculated according to the following link: Calculation of CV settings for 4-digit (long) address ). On MRC it's almost automatic...
  4. General Model Train Discussion
    Hi All I have used an MRC power supply with 16v-4A output for my layout. Can I replace other power supplies with 13-15v output? It affects the operation of the locomotive on the layout or DCC controller of MRC ? Thanks
  5. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I am new to model trains and this is my first post here so please forgive me if this is a very beginner question and I am missing something obvious. I have a Prodigy Express Command Control station which I am not very happy with and have plans to move to Digitrax in the future. But for...
  6. HO Scale
    Hello all, I need some advice from the pros.... I have been reading on the internet about DCC systems and everyone's recommendation. There are certainly enough opinions on what is the best system and I do realize its all based on what people use and their history with the product...totally...
  7. HO Scale
    Background info: I've heard of Rapido announcing that their locomotives are not compatible with the MRC 1300 series power packs because they may have a pulse funcion built in. This is because Rapidos trains have small capacitors (and what not) that can be damaged by the voltage spikes. I don't...
  8. Technical Model Train Forum
    I have 60 ft long O scale layout with 3 layers of track on 1 transformer (MRC). The layout is divided into two sections. One part is 12 feet wide and the other about 24 feet wide. Is it possible to add a second transformer in the other section to help the existing transformer? There is a lack...
  9. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I purchased an MRC n gauge engine but my PowerPro can't seem to sync with it. Is it me or have others had this issue? If so did you find a work around?
  10. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello! I have an MRC Prodigy II DCC system, and I seem to be unable to find information on getting a signal system set up with it. The closest I've seen is using the Atlas signal system with some flow detectors you run the wire through that detect additional power draw. With how rare/expensive...
  11. DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    I am trying to setup JMRI with a Prodigy Express command station. Instead of buying the MRC USB interface chip i was trying to hook it up via. a Serial to CAT5 cable. For some reason i cant get it to communicate with the computer. I'm running windows XP and possible just am not installing the...
  12. 4x7 N Gauge Layout

    My Brother-in-Law and I built this back in the Mid 60’s. Took about one year, the tall pine trees are hand made. Today I still have some of the trains. Someday I might put them on ebay.
  13. HO Scale
    Okay, I bought some t ransformers the other day. This one is an HO MRC with brake and momentum. The bad part was the variable speed was a constant 6 volts dc. This is my story. I can tell you that is takes a torx 10h with a two inch shaft to open the case. Six screws in all. In the case I...
  14. O Scale
    I just won an MRC Pure Power Dual transformer on Ebay for $113 which included shipping. It has the original box, instructions and is in good shape. I like these units and this is my second acquisition of one. Is it my imagination or have prices on many Lionel "O" scale items come down since this...
  15. N Scale
    Hi everyone I have NCE Switch-Kat decoder but cannot program it (using MRC PRODIGY EXPRESS) Any advice?
  16. O Scale
    Has anyone had experience with this system? MRC sound station city & country Any other sound effects system? Thanks, Mr. Bill
  17. O Scale
    I have a Lionel Power Max Plus Transformer / Controller. It came with FasTrack. It is only 40 watts. It will run a train on the flat, but that is about all. My Williams FA will run with it and horn works. Now, I also have an MRC 600 - total output is 50VA. It worked fine until yesterday. I...
1-17 of 17 Results