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  1. MTH Dash 8 will not come out of reset

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Need help with my dad’s Proto-sound Dash 8 Diesel engine. He’s been trying to get it to run for a while now and I think we’ve tried just about everything I can think of. A little bit of background. He has several trains and often will leave some of them on the self for months at a time and pull...
  2. MTH GP38-2 Sound Issue

    HO Scale
    Anyone out there have an HO MTH GP38-2 with proto 3 sound? I'm having a problem turning off some sounds I don't want - in particular cab chatter and brake squeal. I have an NCE Power cab. The documentation states F26 is brake sounds on/off and F27 is cab chatter on/off. I have toggled F26 and...

    Want to Buy (member-to-member)
    Hello, I'm looking to purchase this MTH Coors Light Silver Bullet train set. If anyone here is looking to get rid of one or just willing to part with it, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. MTH Amtrak P42 Genesis

    O Scale
    Hi Folks, Here's my latest product review. I hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks, Eric Siegel Eric's Trains
  5. MTH DCS Premier Steam smoke fan not working

    O Scale
    MTH Steam engine, smoke heater comes on, analog or DCS, fan does not. Disassembled engine, power applied to fan connector pigtail and fan works fine. Traced fan wires individually from fan all the way to connector that plugs into cable which then plugs into the tender. I then, while still all...
  6. Anyone have experience with MTH engines?

    General Model Train Discussion
    So I have a few BLI engines, I love them, they all pull like ox, I want to try an MTH engine, whenever I see one at the club they always look and sound lovely, and the smoke look better than on my BLI models, but I have heard absolute horror stories about their customer service. I would really...
  7. Proto one electro-coupler question

    O Scale
    Is an MTH proto one electro-coupler compatible with a Lionel TMCC control circuit board: does it have the same electrical requirements as a Lionel or K-Line electro-coupler? Any answers this question will be greatly appreciated!
  8. O MTH Union Pacific Big Boy for sale

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    UPDATE 7/15/2018 - This has been sold. -mike
  9. O MTH Premier Dash 8 | Railking SW9

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello, everyone!! I have two beautiful MTH engines that I'm looking to get rid of! They're mostly brand new - I'd rate them a C8/C9 as they come in the original boxes, with all original accessories. Here are the details: EDIT: Dash 8 sold!!! Railking SW9 - this engine also comes equipped with...
  10. New MTH RTR Catalog... Interesting

    O Scale
    Here's the 2017 Ready to Run catalog. Some interesting changes Moving to wifi android/ios app control for the RTR sets. I think it's bold move. Not everyone has a smart phone or tablet. If you can control more than one...
  11. MTH Passenger Car and Caboose stock lighting melting at command voltages

    O Scale
    I have a lot of the 60 foot MTH passenger cars and Cabooses and as I pull things apart to replace dead bulbs or upgrade to LED I've noticed a very disturbing trend. These things are melting the bulb casings and things around them. Today I opened up one of my cabooses because a bulb had died and...
  12. MTH Smoke Unit Repair

    O Scale
    I have a typical MTH PS2 engine smoke unit that is in need of repair. It's been over a year since I worked on one so I'm in need of some advice and a refresher. The engine has been running on my ceiling layout for about 8 months without the smoke unit turned on so it's been a while since it was...
  13. Upgrading MTH passenger car to LED lighting

    O Scale
    Some of you may have seen my other thread on lighting passenger cars cheaply. This has been a fun project and I would like to post the final result in all of it's glory so people who don't want to dig through a massive thread can take advantage The #1 goal in all of this is to light my cars as...
  14. PC Control of MTH Engines by Radio Connection to the TIU

    Technical Model Train Forum
    To me, MTH makes the best engines and rolling stock for my railroads of choice, the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad and the Aliquippa & Southern Railroad (where my grandfather worked). MTH has many many engines and dozen of pieces of rolling stock for these railroads. My layout uses only MTH's...
  15. What's the best way to add smoke fluid to MTH Diesel

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    I have an older MTH GP-7 diesel that actually smokes very very well. I've been adding fluid as the manual says and I know I've never over filled it. The manual says to add 15-20 drops in either of the openings. I always use the rear one which is more of a straight shot to the smoke unit. I...
  16. Anyone know the part number for MTH 15 inch passenger car replacement lights?

    O Scale
    I've been looking everywhere for the part number so I can order them and I can't find it. MTH instructions just say to contact them for the replacement. I need to order some parts from Brasseur anyway so thought I would pick some up. These are the cars I need bulbs for...
  17. Changing sound files on PS2 engine

    O Scale
    I've got the MTH 30-4137-1 Pennsylvania 2-8-0 Steam set and the engine, even though it's not that detailed, has proven to be a great runner. The only problem is the horn and bell do not sound good to me. I know that sound files can be swapped but I don't know what issues I could cause doing so...
  18. Two trains one track

    O Scale
    Having a little fun this holiday season. Running two trains on my 50 foot single track ceiling layout. Remote commander makes it fun :)
  19. MTH DCS Remote Commander with multiple lockon question

    O Scale
    I'm using the remote commander with my shelf layout and it's working pretty good. It's a 50 foot loop of track around my family room. I have the remote commander powered, directly, by a z-750 going to a terminal block which then distributes the power/dcs signal to the 4 lockons in the center of...
  20. DOES NOT POWER ON AT ALL?? MTH O 3 Rail 20-3412-1 PS-2 w/wireless drawbar

    O Scale
    Just got this beautiful MTH O - 3Rail Pennsy Q2, it is model # 20-3412-1 with the wireless drawbar. Problem with it is that when placed on the track it does nothing. No lights, No smoke, No sound, No movement, I am not really that familiar with the electronics on these engines, and I do not have...