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  1. DOES NOT POWER ON AT ALL?? MTH O 3 Rail 20-3412-1 PS-2 w/wireless drawbar

    Technical Model Train Forum
    Just got this beautiful MTH O - 3Rail Pennsy Q2, it is model # 20-3412-1 with the wireless drawbar. Problem with it is that when placed on the track it does nothing. No lights, No smoke, No sound, No movement, I am not really that familiar with the electronics on these engines, and I do not have...
  2. MTH PS2 buzzing sound

    O Scale
    Howdy, I have a new PS2 engine that has been running great. It's our Christmas engine and it's got about 100 hours on it so far this season. In the last 2 days I've started hearing a buzzing sound. I originally thought it was coming from the track but now I think it is the engine. The sound is...
  3. Best DCC Control for running MTH and DCC engines?

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    Hello, I would like to start collecting HO scale steam engine for on display stand on my work desk,so I don’t think to make long term and ever growing layout.However it would be nice to see working some features on engine, when I while working on my desk(light,steam,bell ring etc..) and I need...
  4. MTH HO BigBoy wiring schematic

    HO Scale
    After taking the plunge off the layout onto the concrete floor and repairing the damage, I have broken off several wires to the decoder. Numerous calls to MTH has resulted in nothing short of frustration. They do not seem to be able to find a wiring diagram or they don't want to send me one...
  5. Strange issue with MTH 30-1554-1 Southern 4-6-2 Imperial P47 Smoke Unit

    O Scale
    I picked this engine up a few weeks back for a great price and it runs great but I'm seeing a really strange issue with the smoke unit. When I got the engine I took it apart and it looked like someone had swamped the thing with smoke fluid at some point. There was fluid all over the inside...
  6. Confused over MTH DCS Options

    O Scale
    From what I can tell MTH has used the product code 50-1001 for the DCS Remote Control Set since they first started producing it in 2000. I'm in the market to upgrade from conventional control to DCS as I have a lot of MTH trains. I've found a few older sets for a lot cheaper than the $350 new on...
  7. Compatible switch motors for Scaletrax

    O Scale
    Hey guys, just wanted some suggestions for switch motors for my mth scaletrax layout. I have 4 switches and 2 burned up straight out of the box. I wanna replace them with something more reliable but will work with the track I have. Any suggestions?
  8. MTH HO BIPOLAR、GG1 & Little Joe

    HO Scale
  9. MTH Proto-Sound .mth file structure

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I'm splitting this off from my original thread here, as this section seemed more appropriate and I figured a proper thread may gather some attention. For curiosity's sake more than anything (and the fact I just like doing this stuff), I started researching and tearing into the .mth soundset...
  10. Help with mth ps 3 long island cab # 463 30-20080-1

    O Scale
    Hello Team, I have a problem with my PS3 LI diesel cab # 463 catalog # 30-20080-1 engine. While runnning my train with the DCS hand held remote, the engine went into runaway mode. The engine went from 22 SMPH to over 80 SMPH. The only way to stop the train was to cut power to the track. After a...
  11. Mth dcs remote question

    DCC Forum (Digital Command Control)
    For some reason a (P) shows up next to my engines on the display. (L) has shown up before which stands for LASHUP and I did do a lashup and it should be there, but I can't find anything to explain the (P). Does anyone know what that means and how to get rid of it? Thanx.
  12. install decoder in o gauge engines that didn't come with them?

    O Scale
    Has anyone have any ideas on the best way to install decoders in loinel, williams, modern engines that use can motors, what type of decoders to use? Where to get them?, or should I just buy new engines with decoders already in them?
  13. Decisions regarding track

    O Scale
    Hi All, As I have mentioned in some other threads, I am new in the hobby and going with O scale. I have purchased a nice MTH freight set with their RealTrax. I am going with a freight yard theme and a before I make the investment for extra I wanted to use the correct type. I am considering...
  14. MTH-how to get out of neutral

    O Scale
    Hi Everyone, Testing out my new MTH freight steam set, I have seemed to place the system in a neutral and cannot get it to go forward. the system comes with their DCS remote commander and it is Prot3sound 3. the DIR (direction button) can be hit 4 separate times for slowdown, neutral, reverse...
  15. DCC vs DCS Confusion

    O Scale
    Hi All, I have a question regarding DCC. I have an MTH freight set and that I am considering purchasing the Digitrax ZEPX Zephyr Xtra. Is this unit a decoder so to speak in itself? Or is this is a separate subject matter? I read articles about decoding your engine Etc. What is occurring here...
  16. Smoke unit videos added at

    Product Promotion
    There has been a lot of debate regarding smoke fluid in modern and vintage engines. We have posted videos of our fluid in both applications. You can see the videos at
  17. 773 hudson Celebration, Commdore, MTH

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello All, I am listing these Trains for a friend of mine. His Contact information is on the link.
  18. Living room layout 10-31-09

    Model Train Videos
    Three minute youtube video of MTH Cab-forward with Lynn at the controls. :eek: Denny Todd