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  1. Layout Design Forum
    I done a preliminary layout for my attic space of 14'W X 12'D on the SCARM program. The layout is basically a 3 Railroad Lines with convergence in a common yard. I have just done the basics of the mainlines. I did not do sidings/yard detail yet. It is mostly train watching. but with sidings/yard...
  2. My Layout
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Last few weeks I've been trying to get fellow modeler's opinions. This is a tale of 1/160 size crews on my tiny layout. Thank you for your time
  3. N Scale
    Hi, I am looking for a N scale train set of an unusual configuration. I want the track to hug the outside perimeter of an approximately 24 X 12 inch bookcase. The smallest I can find is 24X24. I am not sure if a smaller curve around the sides of the bookcase will be too sharp to turn. Do you...
  4. N Scale
    About to dive into my first N scale layout and I am stumped trying to figure out the layout. I have been through the Kato site and a few others to get some ideas but ugh..... I'm overwhelmed. I think I'm trying to do to much in a 36/42" x 72" space. My wants are two main lines, yards to store...
1-4 of 4 Results