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  1. N Want to Trade

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    Hello all. I finally decided exactly what I want to model. 1860's mid west US civil war era. The problem is , I do not have a steam engine or the correct passenger coaches so I would like to trade some N scale things for the above mentioned. I understand that steam loco's are worth more than the...
  2. HELP! N Scale Loco Wheels Won't Move

    Beginner Q & A
    Hello All, I am vary new to model railroading. I purchased an older train set from a train museum gift shop and cannot get the locomotive running. When it is on the track the light turns on and I can hear an electric humming sound. The wheels will not move on or off of the track. I removed...
  3. First N scale layout

    My Layout
    I just purchased parts for my first N scale layout. New to the N scale world, but I have been doing a lot of research. Ordered these parts from Ebay. Looking at a Bachmann GP40 loco as well. Going to start small and work my way up. Will post more pics to this thread when the items arrive.
  4. Z Scale beginner

    Z Scale
    Hey Guys, I am new to the forum AND the Z scale world (previously did some light work with N and HO) and looking to purchase a starter set online. Would anyone recommend one that won't break the bank? I am living in DC working for the govt so my space is a bit limited, but still have a 3rd...
  5. Awesome Model Railroad Action!! N Scale 1160

    Model Train Photo Gallery
    Awesome Model Railroad Action!! N Scale 1160
  6. Hello from Leven

    Union Station
    Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself ... so to speak. Firstly, thanks for letting me in ...The name is Mick and I manufacture 6mm resin cast scenics for the wargaming hobby, however, on one of my visits to NRM in Shildon, I was approached by a Z scale enthusiast who purchased "shed loads"...
  7. **UPDATED** Selling N-Scale on Ebay

    For Sale Elsewhere (eBay, other forums etc.)
    Selling brands from Roundhouse, Atlas, Life-Like, ModelPower, Bachman, Walthers and Con-Cor on my Ebay page EVERYTHING COMES IN ORIGINAL CASES LOW PRICES! SHIPPING INCLUDED! 2-3 DAYS. COMES FROM A SMOKE-FREE HOME. STORE UPDATED DAILY.
  8. New videos

    N Scale
    Some new videos of the layout
  9. New videos

    General Model Train Discussion
    Some new videos of the layout
  10. Quick Shot Of My N Scale Bar

    Quick Shot Of My N Scale Bar

    N scale layout inside my bar. Hope you like it! Thanks for checking it out. Video on YouTube
  11. Help Me (Kato E5 N scale)

    N Scale
    My Kato E5 N scale stopped working so I took it apart, when I took it apart I saw the this thing (sorry, don't know the name, in picture) wasn't working so where can I get a replacement part?
  12. detail parts

    N Scale
    Wheres a good place to buy detail parts for scratch builds? I want to try my hand at building a house or two. I'm looking mainly for doors, windows, siding, shingles, and really, any other house related parts. I've looked on modeltrainstuff, fiferhobby and hobbylinc, but they don't really seem...
  13. Flashing lights in Police Truck using Fiber Optics

    Model Train Videos
    On my N Scale layout I added this little animated scene....LEDs via Fiber Optic strands are used to light up this Police Truck. Guss
  14. Eddie Aycock - N scale Union Pacific Town Creek Subdivision/Layout tour

    Model Train Videos
    Check out Eddie's n scale layout, located in Houston Tx. The layout a tripple deck with staging.
  15. Plaster Kit Video Tutorial - Little Red Brick House

    Structures Forum
    Here's the first episode of a tutorial I'm making on building hydrostone structural kits in N scale. The kit is from GUNG-HO! Miniatures and represents a small Taiwanese brick house for a micro layout featuring the Taiwan Railway. I hope this helps those who are looking for a video guide on...
  16. Newbie @ a Train Show

    Beginner Q & A
    Greetings all, This is my first post. I'm thinking of getting into the hobby. I've done some Youtube/Google research. I've watched hours of videos and visited many websites. Ordered and received a few books: Building a Model Railroad Step by Step, 2nd Edition N Scale Railroading: Getting...
  17. N scale shelf layout

    N Scale
    Hey guys, I want to try to build an N scale shelf layout. I have never built a layout before, and I don't really know where to start. I know I need a bunch of track sections that are removable, as I have doors and windows in the way. I am thinking of using Atlas Code 80 Flex track. I don't know...
  18. SP Closet Branch

    My Layout
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Last few weeks I've been trying to get fellow modeler's opinions. This is a tale of 1/160 size crews on my tiny layout. Thank you for your time
  19. Chinatown Structure Models

    N Scale
    Does anyone know were to find N Scale models for a Chinatown layout?
  20. New to the Hobby

    N Scale
    Hi all Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've been an avid plastic modeler for over 20 years, but was looking for something that I could do with my four year old. Whenever we go to HobbyTown he is always drawn to the trains. At the front entrance there they have a spectacular HO layout...