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  1. DCC Multiple units?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Say I buy some king of dcc system, could I hook up two or more locomotives and control all of them by controlling only the speed of the lead locomotive? Like hooking up multiple units in the real world... Is it possible? What system should I buy to accomplish this? Thank you! Brandon
  2. Cardstock construction video

    Structures Forum
    We have just uploaded our second YouTube video tutorial. This one is based on our online Cardstock Construction tutorial and uses a 1970's house as an example. The video is generic in nature but shows both an N scale and an HO scale version. They are also available in O and OO. Here is the...
  3. Tomix Buildings?

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am looking to create a modern N scale scene and noticed Tomix has modern buildings. I did notice they are 1/150 instead of the standard N scale of 1/160, is there a noticeable difference? Thank you! Brandon
  4. Dust Monkeys?

    General Model Train Discussion
    Ran my finger over my Kato track this morning, and had a thick black line, I am thinking of purchasing dust monkeys from Woodland Scenics instead of a cleaning car. I know it may not work as well, but how well? If anyone uses this product, tell me about it. Thank you! Brandon
  5. Kato Switches

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am thinking of running trains on one mainline while storing several trains in a yard with Kato unitrack switches. I would like to do this with analog DC power. Will power be distributed to all rail, or isolated to just the mainline or sidings once a switch is set.
  6. Problems, problems, problems...

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am going to tell the full story here. I finished applying ballast about three weeks ago, and every weekend after that was dedicated to cleaning the track. It worked, for a while at least. Here is the weird part, IT SOMETIMES WORK, SOMETIMES NOT SO MUCH! Only this morning, my trains ran smooth...
  7. Frustration

    General Model Train Discussion
    I cleaned my N scale layout with hand for two days straight, it worked for about four days then everything returned to what it had been before. I am very frustrated, slightly depressed and is actually considering selling my stuff. I thought this was suppose to be fun...:mad: Please help!!! Brandon
  8. Painting without air brush?

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am on a low budget and cannot get a air brush any time soon, but I do have a N scale locomotive I hope to finish without the use of air brush. Can I do it with a paint brush, or maybe masking and spraying? I have some spare enamel paint by the way, good idea? maybe not? Thank you! Brandon
  9. Locomotive Painting Mistake

    General Model Train Discussion
    I started painting my N Scale locomotive today, but found myself using enamel paint, which I find very hard to work with. What should I do now? Thank you! Brandon
  10. MU locomotives

    N Scale
    I was wondering about MU-ing locomotives and if it's at all possible? I tried it once, with Bachman locomotives, and it didn't work out well. For one thing, one of the locomotives that I tried it with, came in one of Bachman's "sets." The other, was a Bachman "stand-alone." The stand-alone was...
  11. N scale trucks

    N Scale
    Does anyone know if there are metal wheels AND metal trucks available for N scale rolling stock? Are there [rolling stock] brands to be aware of, that might have any special considerations to keep in mind, if one were to want to modify their rolling stock in this way? (I know, with N scale...
  12. Paint and Decal

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am about to apply paint and decal to a undecorated N scale Kato SD70MAC. Any tips for painting N scale and applying decals. Please help make my life over the next few weeks easy. Thank You! Brandon
  13. Custom Numberboard?

    General Model Train Discussion
    I am buying a undecorated N Scale Kato sd 70 to paint it my self, I am wondering about how I would custom make the number board? Thank you! Brandon
  14. Cleaning Dry Ballast

    General Model Train Discussion
    It looks like I put a little too much ballast, a beginer's mistake. It is all dried up now, and the train stalls from time to time. Please offer me advise on cleaning excess dry ballast from my N scale tracks. Maybe a knife or plastic sheet? Thank you!!! Brandon
  15. Ballest on drive wheel

    General Model Train Discussion
    I got some loose ballast into the drive wheel of a Kato SD-40, how do I remove it and clean the wheels? Thank you! Brandon
  16. Ballest UniTrack

    General Model Train Discussion
    Is it safe to use glue to ballest Unitrack with glue? I was thinking of using scenics cement, good idea? If not what should I do? Thank you!!! Brandon
  17. N scale code 80 double crossover WTB

    For Sale or Trade (member-to-member)
    I need an N scale code 80 double crossover that will play nicely with the flex track that I already have. I'll also need a 30 or 45 degree crossing as well as a wye.
  18. Picking up power from the track.

    Technical Model Train Forum
    I have a question for all you electrical guru's. I have a 2.4ghz pin-hole camera that I am mounting in a Model Power Alco FA 2 Like this one...
  19. Weighting tank cars...

    Beginner Q & A
    :confused: In my discussions about modeling a hump yard, I have been advised to have weight uniformity with all of the rolling stock. (Also, metal trucks have been a main point of advice.) I have a lot of tank cars and was wondering how I would weight those: would I try and pry them open and...
  20. Layout grading and lighting

    Beginner Q & A
    Another couple of things that I have been wondering about, is if I DO do a hump yard (which it's looking more and more like that's what I am going to do), I was wondering if anyone might have suggestions as to how to get the "bowl" effect. In many YouTube videos, it seems what people are doing...