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  1. General Model Train Discussion
    Hello all, I am new to the forum and would like to know if any one here has any info on 5161 trinity hopper made by the LBF company? I bought 9 of these cars at a estate sale and I was wondering if there should be another car in this set. The cars are numbered 294166 thru 294175. There seems to...
  2. HO Scale
    Hey fellow railfanners recently I decided for some reason that it would be a good idea to undertake the project of building Norfolk Southern's "Honoring Our Veterans" locomotive. I have all the parts I need to build the unit, including the SD60 "E" cab. The next step is to paint and decal it, I...
  3. N Scale
    Hey folks. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you guys all in on my layout in progress. My working title for my layout is "Blue Mountain Northern" although I'm going to probably tweak things as everything unfolds. I'm modelling the NEPA area, although I'm not going for prototypical. I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results