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  1. N Scale
    So I bought a lot of for parts locomotives and one was an athearn big boy. I tested it on the track and nothing. So I opened it up and the factory decoder board was missing and it seemed to have been rewired. I am assuming for DC only operating. The speaker is still in it too. I want to bring it...
  2. N Scale
    Hi folks, My son and I have misplaced the instructions for the Model Power Good View Movie Theatre (#1593). Does anyone happen to have a pdf they can upload/share? Happiest of holidays. Stay safe! Best, RnRT
  3. Layout Design Forum
    are there any books, or any reference materials that give advice on building them. i want my lay to be able to move as we do, but i want some durability and easy of assembly. so that one mod is a switching yard, then another is a industry and so forth. thank you.
  4. New Member Introduction
    hello, i am Jhon weaver. i have been interested in model trains as long as i can remember. i have been an avid player of table top war-games.( battle tech, war hammer 40k etc,etc) for years. as i have gotten older, the people that i have played with have all grown up, moved away. after going...
  5. N Scale
    Thanks to the efforts of our Rewards participants, in less than two weeks, our n-scale database has grown by more than 1,900 trains and now includes over 12,700 locomotives and rolling stock. Thank you to all of our participants who have added reference data on old and new trains from different...
  6. N Scale
    Hi Folks, The N Scale Database recently crossed 10,000 items and this is great! But, by our estimate, somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 total items have been produced since 1960. Maybe more once you count European and Japanese models. I read somewhere that N Scale is more popular than HO in...
1-6 of 6 Results