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    Well, back this past December I started thinking about doing a model train and even asked for advice on this very forum. In the end, I decided to do a very simply oval loop with one siding layout with my Dad’s old 1950’s O-27 Marx train set. This is my first real train set, but, after 7 months...
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    O Scale Collection

  3. O Scale Collection

    O Scale Collection

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    I just got my additional B BEEF for my B&O BEEF set. I realized after some experimenting that I would need the extra power to pull anything more than a few cars. I have been on the fence whether to save up for the matchin PEEPs or wait for RMT's new O-27 streamlined passenger cars so I put my...
  5. My Layout
    Yes, it can be done. I call it the Yankee Table as I decided to start building it with whatever I had on hand, could barter for, or get on the cheap. The green is called "Asperagus" Don't you love it? I had it on hand from another project 10 years ago. The blue is the paint from last...
  6. O Scale
    Lionel has some instructions here for modifying O-27 switches for use with a constant voltage like the O gauge 022 switches. However, if you follow their instructions, it is likely you will fry the coils in the...